Do you like the Honda Civic Type R? Well, you will fall in love with the Mugen version.

Like every beginning of the year Japan is all set to celebrate the Tokyo Motor Show, one of the greatest automotive and pre-production events in the land of the rising sun.which will mean a large number of more or less official bold offerings from some of our favorite brands. Honda was one of the first to open fire, with a huge list of cars confirmed for the event, from racing cars like the world champion Red Bull RB19 F1 to much more down-to-earth offerings or concepts. And, of course, they were also added to this list. projects of Mugen, the sports division of Honda responsible for the most ambitious preparations. Synonymous with spectacle when you combine this specialist with the latest advances. Honda Civic Type Rthe result of which we can already see in these first images.

Escalation of aggression on two levels

Honda Civic Type R Group B from MugenPinterest


Mugen will arrive at the Tokyo Motor Show, which runs from January 12 to 14, with two modified versions of the Type R, dubbed Group A, the most civilized, and Group B, the most extreme.

The Mugen Honda Civic Type R Group A features a new, more aggressive front splitter and sharper cornering. Of course, we also see more pronounced skirts and a redesigned rear spoiler, as well as a redesigned rear bumper that we don’t see in these single photos yet. An improvement that adds just enough extra aggressiveness to be considered an official evolution of the Type R itself.

However With the Group B, things are much more interesting: the appearance is more typical of a Civic, modified in the style of the golden era of tuning at the beginning of the new millennium.. Thus, the improvements to the little brother include a new carbon fiber hood with additional cooling, front fenders also with additional vents and additional volume, giving it an even more muscular look, and a front bumper that also looks different.

Aggressive and aerodynamic

In addition to all these new parts that not only make it more aggressive but also more aerodynamic as they are designed using CFD, Mugen also adds new 19″ forged wheels from BBS, new shock absorbers, a stainless steel exhaust system in group A or titanium in Group. Used and even new brake calipers in the first or a new complete set of calipers and discs in the second. At the moment there is no word on a possible evolution of its engine, although there is talk of the interior, which has not been left without a corresponding special touch, with a new steering wheel and seats signed by Mugen, as well as a new gear lever and fiberglass moldings. carbon deposits on the dashboard.

We’ll get more details and images of Mugen’s new Honda Civic Type R when the Tokyo Motor Show opens its doors on January 12.

Shot in the head of Antonio Ramos Ochoa

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