Doctor looks for symptoms to catch colon cancer early: ‘These are warning signs’ – weekend

He intestines It plays a key role in our mental health and there is a direct link between it and depression. He constipation This is one of the most hidden pathologies in society, but it is very important to detect it and treat it in time.Doctor Karina Quinas walked through the microphones of the Fin de Semana to speak openly about this disease, which affects 800 million people in the world, more than those who suffer from diabetes.

Moreover, in his book “Courage in Action” talks about colon cancer. Explains symptoms that may help spot it and what to do if you notice any of them. Pay attention to this by listening to the following audio.

First of all, the doctor suggested that we leave the shame and talk about constipation: “We ourselves perpetuate the taboos that exist regarding the intestines. Is it our fault that these taboos exist, or are we talking about it openly?”

“The problem is that not only late diagnosis leads to other consequences besides constipation, like hemorrhoid problems, but makes you suffer silently for years without curing it. A solution must be found as soon as possible,” he assured.

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