Dollar today, blue dollar today: how much is it trading this Tuesday, May 28

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Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $68,175.65 today. This cryptocurrency It is most important today and is increasingly being accepted for purchasing products and services all over the world.

Not all banks provide their clients with the opportunity invest in MEP dollars, Therefore, the first step is to make a corresponding request to the banking institution. If this allows, it must be taken into account that each banking company has certain hours for this type of operation, therefore buying and selling They may be delayed.

This step by step buy and sell MEP through home banking:

When selecting a bond to sell, it is important that you select “Immediately” in the settlement period and in the currency of your choice. Dollars.

Unlike the rest quotesthis option is available constant activity and it doesn’t stop, no matter the schedule, weekends or holidays exchanges. Access via platforms exchangewhere you can purchase, among other currencies, stable coins called stablecoinswhich have parity with dollar.

Ethereum (ETN), cryptocurrency from the platform Ethereum, trading today at $3,897.58. This is the second digital currency with the highest market capitalization and one of blockchain most commonly used for DeFi (decentralized finance) and NFTs (unique and inimitable digital assets increasingly used for digital art).

On Tuesday of last week, Central Bank (BCRA) decided to reduce the base interest rate for the sixth time in a row since its introduction Javier Miley. This means it increases from 50% to 40% annual nominal (TNA). Meanwhile, annual effective rate (TEA) remained at 49.15%, and monthly (TEM) at 3.3%. This change is due to the slowdown in recent months of economic growth. inflation, whose April data was released hours before the measure was enacted. This was 8.8%, the first time in the last six months it was in single digits.

From 11 to institutions and caves of the city of Buenos Aires shed parallel dollar quote. Although these are movements outside the official system, the value of this currency is an indicator of how markets are behaving.

We are waiting for the opening markets This Tuesday, May 28th, these were dollar quotes On the last working day, Monday 27th:

In dialogue with LN+economist Ricardo Delgado analyzed the government’s measures, the path that inflation and what happens to him dollar.

Economic panorama of Argentina

He retail dollarwhich is controlled Central Bank (BCRA)closed this Monday at $876 buy and $933.75 sell.


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