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In this note from El Comercio you can find out price in dollars in Peru today, January 1, 2024, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). According to this organization, the US currency closed on Thursday the 28th at S/3.7050.

As of December 28, the average interbank dollar exchange rate in Peru was S$3.7019, with a maximum of S$3.7070 and a minimum of S$3.6970.

The day before, the US currency reached a minimum value of S/3.6840. According to Asvim Asensios, currency trader at Renta4 SAB, this was due to demand for soles from local companies. In addition, he stressed that the value of the dollar continues to decline around the world after the US Federal Reserve (Fed) announced that it would maintain interest rates and forecast more aggressive rate cuts in 2024.

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Globally, the dollar fell against the euro. (This happened because) the Fed still does not foresee a rate cut, which leads to weaker currencies around the world.“, he pointed.

On the other hand, BCRP indicated that $328 million worth of transactions were completed during the day on Monday.

How much is a dollar worth today?

lSunat is quoting the US dollar at S$3,705 buy and S$3,713 sell. In addition, the price of the dollar according to the portal qué On the market, it is quoted at S/3.70 buy and S/. Sold at 3.73.

Similarly, the price of the dollar according to BCRP is:

How did the dollar perform last week?

The interbank exchange rate closed last week at an average of S/3.6826, with a high of S/3.6900 and a low of S/3.6700, according to the issuing institution.

According to the issuer, the US currency closed on Friday, December 22, at S/3.6850 in the country, compared to the average interbank rate of S/3.7659.

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