Domínguez Brito: “I am the one with the majority”

During the month of March 2021, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) held a tournament to choose who would stay, who would enter and who would leave their newly expanded political committee membership; At that time, former Attorney General Francisco Domínguez Brito ended up as the person who received the most votes among the candidates.

“It is important to emphasize this, in the consultations the same thing will happen as in the political committee where I received the most votes,” exclaimed Domínguez Brito, who on that occasion obtained some 920 votes in his favor from the members of the central committee, surpassing by almost 100 votes for Gonzalo Castillo, who had just held the PLD’s presidential candidacy in 2020.

Next Sunday, October 16, the former official will face the mayor of Santiago de los Caballeros, Abel Martínez; the former vice president, Margarita Cedeño; the former deputy, Karen Ricardo; the former Minister of Labor, Maritza Hernández and the leader of the Boschista Force, Luis de León; in what has been called by the PLD as the “Open Consultation process that will seek to measure which of the candidates is better positioned for the next elections.

This occasion will not be the first time that Domínguez Brito will aspire to head the electoral ticket of the former ruling party, however he understands that on this occasion the circumstances are given so that this time I did manage to reach the presidential candidacy.

“There is a transition within the PLD that is taking place, President Danilo Medina has been leading that transition; I feel that our proposal is very serious, very professional, very rational, very subject to debate in every sense of the word and that gives us strength, there is also mystique, those of us who are here (within the party) work with a sense that politics is to serve, is to help and I believe that mysticism gives a lot of encouragement to those who fight for something, it gives more encouragement, it gives more passion than money, it gives more passion than anything else and I think that that way success is easier to achieve”, exclaimed Domínguez Brito.

The same indicates that this new structure of that political organization will allow it to obtain the majority of votes in the process of October 16 since it has a good position within the members of the central committee and has “great support” from the members of the political committee.

“I would say that there are undecided but they have their little heart and there are others who are declared (within the political committee), I would dare to say that among all, I am the one with the majority; among those declared by all, I think there is a tie with Margarita or Abel, I don’t know very well but that’s how we are, “said the former senator for Santiago.

This will not be the first time that Domínguez Brito is in a process prior to the primaries; for the 2019 pre-campaign, he even made his presidential candidacy official, making an advertising spot where he burned the party’s cap saying that it was time for a “new PLD”, but he agreed to participate in a measurement together with the other candidates who represented the party. danilismo (Castillo, Andrés Navarro, Temístocles Montás, Radhamés Segura and Maritza Hernández), losing to the former Minister of Public Works according to what was announced by the then spokesman for the presidency, José Ramón Peralta.

After that, Domínguez Brito gave the “surprise” of becoming the most voted during the political committee process and gave credit to the work he did under those circumstances.

“I feel that the PLD and the leadership understood that it should give a signal about the type of leadership that we seek, a leadership that is humble; that it is not pretentious, that it is not malicious, that it does not think that it knows it all; a leadership that knows how to recognize mistakes, a leadership that works and I believe that this is what the PLD has sought and perhaps that was what those who decided at that time sought and I believe that this is what the voter is going to seek at that time. moment”, he said when interviewed by the LISTÍN DIARIO.

Despite this, the focus of the public showcase has been positioned in a race between Martínez and Cedeño, placing the former official in third place; When questioned about the premise that circulates on social networks and political panels that the consultations “are a competition between two people”, he stated that these are nothing more than “strategies” to which he does not pay much attention.

“I can tell you that if you review the entire country, all the provinces, province by province, you will realize that the most important leaders, those who made more intermediate committees, those who have greater preponderance in the communities, are in our team; In other words, that doesn’t keep me awake at night, it’s part of a strategy, you go to the National District and the one who directs our project is Alejandro Montas; you go to district one and most of the leaders are with me, in district two the same,” added Domínguez Brito, who indicated that in this last stage before the consultation he is working on converting all that sympathy into votes on October 16. .

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party unit.

Domínguez Brito explained that “when he manages to be the presidential candidate”, the unity of the PLD and all the candidates can be constituted, since “he will work to make the purple party return to power.”

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On Sunday the 16th of this month, every citizen over the age of 18 who is not registered with the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the People’s Force will be able to elect the PLD’s presidential candidate.

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