Dominican Players Who Made the TOP MILLIONS in MLB

A lot of Dominican baseball players They earned excessive amounts of money in Major League. Without a doubt, the list is topped by an outstanding baseball player. Alex Rodriguez. The star stands out as the first Dominican to earn the most money in MLB.

Dominican players who earned the most money in the major leagues

The list is very extensive, with great players born in the Dominican Republic occupying the top positions. As mentioned earlier, Alex Rodriguez is at the forefront. On the other hand, recognized Albert Pujolsfollows on the list with a huge number $346,540,436 million. Bye Robinson Cano (262 129 865), Adrian Beltre (219 140 000) And Manny Ramirez (206 827 769) They occupy third, fourth and fifth places respectively.

Most Popular and Hall of Fame Inductee David Ortiz remains in seventh position. The amount earned by the athlete is the amount 159,512,500 million. Many Machados managed to win 159,152,909. and took ninth place on this list Dominican baseball players. Meanwhile, Vladimir Guerrero (father) took fifth place with $125,541,455 million.

It is worth emphasizing that these amounts do not exactly correspond to the exact amount charged by them. However, this is as close to reality as possible. The data was taken exactly until last year 2023.

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