Dominion, the T-Rex returns to the cinema, surprisingly published the prologue


When it comes to history and dinosaurs it is impossible not to think of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece Jurassic Park, a film that marked the childhood of many of us and which is currently marking the childhood of new generations thanks to its successor, Jurassic World.

The official sequel, currently in its second chapter, will very soon see the arrival of a new member in the family, we are obviously talking about the third film, Jurassic World: The domain, expected in theaters in Italy on June 22 next year.

Apparently, however, given the climate inclined to the release of small bread crumbs to keep the hype up, after the twists of Spider-man No Way Home, even Universal Pictures has decided to join the party, has in fact released the prologue of the film, or the first few minutes as they will be in the film.

What emerges?

The prologue shows an evocative beginning, in fact it is set 65 million years ago and shows the world of the era dominated by dinosaurs with an exceptional protagonist, the iconic mosquito that millions of years later will give John Hammond the opportunity to give the off to the events of Jurassic Park.

After that we have a long jump that takes us exactly a short time later than where the second chapter left us, framing Rexi (the famous T-Rex who accompanied us for all the other chapters), intent on escaping from a helicopter chase , only to come across an open-air cinema where it will sow panic.

All this suggests how the film will be set, most likely we will see a hunt for prehistoric animals released in the second chapter.

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