Don’t waste your money on a new game because this site has a free game that will hook you.

Spending your free time playing video games is part of everyday life, and we have more and more opportunities to spend our downtime playing games. Although there are many consoles that allow us to play games as real as life itself, simple games that make us spend hours moving to the next screen or breaking the high score are becoming more and more fashionable. All the streamers are talking about it, and now you can play for free on the site.

From Candy Crush with impossible candy puzzles and little music that gets into your head, to classic games like Tetris, they fill our devices with games we can quickly access when we’re bored. Simple games that allow us to have a good time without thinking and relax when we need it. The same thing happened with Suika Game, it was a success on all platforms and is a very simple game with short games that will get you hooked and won’t stop until you get the highest possible score.

Fruit is the way

When the craze for mini-games on mobile phones began, Fruit Ninja was one of those games that you couldn’t miss. The fruits are falling and all you have to do is cut fruits by swiping your finger across the screen as if you were a ninja with a katana.

With dynamics similar to Tetris, a new trendy game that all streamers are playing This is Suika’s game. A simple game in which you will have to combine identical fruits to get larger fruits. The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible before the box is filled with fruit and the game ends. Simple animations and adorable fruits are the key to this game that will hook you from the first minute. The new Candy Crush will have you spending hours trying to collect the biggest fruits.

Suika game

Where to play

There are many different versions for different devices. You can play for free on many websites that offer Suika game mechanics, without having to download anything to your computer and without having to own a console. In all of them the operation is exactly the same and consists of the same thing: it is necessary collect fruits to make them higher level and add points before our box is filled with various falling fruits. The aesthetics vary from one to another depending on whether you choose one website or another, but they are all practically the same and offer us the game for free and without downloading, through the page.

You can play both on a computer and on a smartphone. All you have to do is find the game on one of these websites and start playing without purchasing or installing anything.

But we can also download it for consoles or play it on a computer if we want more advanced graphics and a more professional and colorful design. It is cheap. On Nintendo it will cost less than three euros, and we can also find several versions on Steam.

Versions of the game Suika

Also, if you get bored of fruits, there are versions of the game where you can play with different pieces or objects. You have options from geometric shapes, celebrity images like Taylor Swift, animals, or even a Halloween mode with candy and skulls. You will only need to match identical figures to score points before the box fills with objects.

Suika game variations

The mechanics are the same as the original, but we may have a different or even more intuitive point of view if instead of watermelons you want to team up your favorite actors or singers to win.

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