Dr Xavier Sierra of the Royal Academy of Medicine has died

Xavier Sierra diesDoctor of Medical Sciences, dermatologist and Academician of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia. President of Metges College in Barcelona, Jaume Padrosannounced the news calling his loss “irreparable”.

Sierra (Girona, 1952) graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and He specialized in dermatology at the Madrid Clinical Hospital.. He also received his doctorate in medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid and began his professional career as a dermatologist in Madrid. Terrace and Barcelona.

Sierra focused her work on History of dermatology and published more than a dozen books on the subject, as well as chapters, translations and prologues, in addition to being Author of numerous magazine articles in the specialty and in the general press.

Careers in institutions

Founding member and vice-president of the European Society for the History of Dermatology.Sierra has also served on the editorial board of various dermatology journals in Spain, Italy and France.

In addition to receiving a degree in humanities from the Oberta de Catalunya, he was appointed by the Council of the Collegiate de Metges in Barcelona “Ani Joaquim Piñol”, honorary member of the Valencia Medical Institute, academician of the Queen’s University. Medical Academy of Catalonia, editor-in-chief of the Ghimbernat Journal of the History of Medicine and President of the Board of Trustees of the Museum of the History of Medicine of Catalonia.

Finally, he has been the author of books and other articles and publications in the humanities, and a visiting assistant professor at the IUC School of Health Sciences, as well as Roel Prize from the Valencian Medical Institute.award for professional excellence of the Collegia de Metges in Barcelona and medal Honorary member of the Catalan Society for the History of Medicine..

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