Dragon Age: The Veilguard shows 15 minutes of gameplay

After a small teaser at the Summer Games Fest, today we finally got to see the gameplay of the next part of the Dragon Age saga. Its release is scheduled for this fall.

The images were taken, as we were told, from the first bars of the game. In this section, our protagonist, accompanied by Varric (Dragon Age 2), tries to stop a ritual started by Solas (Dragon Age: Inquisition), the purpose of which is to tear the Veil, which is a kind of fabric separating the Earth and the underworld from the Dragon Universe Age.

The initial portion of the gameplay video was very story-oriented. In it we were able to see, among other things, the dialogue selection system traditional to the saga, which we will use to make decisions and determine the overall tone of our character. In the central circle we will be notified whether the decision we make or the dialogue we choose will affect the story.

Combat also appeared. It is a third-person action model with a hint of hack and slash, in which we will control the protagonist performing melee and ranged attacks, with movements, as we have seen, not too complex, but quite agile. While we attack, the rest of our team will support us in the background. We can also dodge and block, and we also seem to have noticed a parry mechanic…

In the middle of the video, the characters met Neve, another of the partners we met in the previous presentation trailer. Niva is very cool, and obviously she will help us uncover what Solas did that destabilized the universe so much.

The final part of the video showed us the final boss. The Demon of Pride seemed to test the combat system much more than any other enemy we saw in the video. Apparently, later in the game we’ll be able to use the command wheel to issue orders to our comrades in more difficult battles such as this one; although the footage indicates that in this particular fight we will not be able to use it in the final game yet.

You can see the full video below. The truth is that while it doesn’t show content from the end of the game, it does reveal a lot of its story, so if you want to go completely blank, you can skip it:

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