Drake: Why does Pink Friday 2 feature Nicki Minaj?

In an interview with Apple Music, Nicki Minaj explained why they cast Drake in Pink Friday 2.

In 2023, Drake will combine projects and successes. Parmi ces derniers, se trouve le morceau needle with Nicki Minaj. In revanche, this is the last figure sur l’album de la chanteuse, et non sur celui du rappeur. More details why? MCE TV will tell you everything from A to Z!

Drake makes it big

If he’s already a rapper coming out in 2023, that’s okay, Drake. Essentially Canadian Income from the scene with green projects.

After another musical break, Drake christening of the album “Sorti Son” For all dogs. And this is for the greater happiness of the fans who attended the artist’s great project with anticipation.

D’ailleurs is Drake’s new album to the world. swindler les compteurs. My two days after the sortie, For all dogs are you experiencing déjà I’m certified platinum record. In fact, the album is a franchise with a limit of millions of copies sold. Rien que ça!

And that’s not it. Over the past decade, Drake has surprised his fans with three exciting new releases. Rapper once Tour arrival for 2024.. Plus the Toronto native will accompaniment by J. Cole. Pour le plus grand bonheur de son public donc!

Drake will announce the announcement of a 2023 beauty featuring the famous Nicki Minaj. Or, title Needle I didn’t find anything in the set list For all dogs. And because that’s where you found space on Pink Lady 2, Trinidadienne’s latest album. More details, why not? MCE TV vous en dit plus!

Needle place for Nicki Minaj album

December 8, Nicki Minaj – strong frappe en révélant son 5ème, studio album. entitled Pink Lady 2I expected the rappeuse to be a huge success.

Il faut dire que parmi les 22 titles, which consist of Pink Lady 2Nicki Minaj was invited by great artists like me. J Cole, Lil Wayne, Tate Kobang, Drake, Lil Uzi. Return or encore Skillibeng. Also Skeng, Future, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Billie Eilish. Rien que ça!

Ainsi, Nicki Minaj and Drake in Sur le Morceau collaboration Needle. If the title comes first, instead of appartenir à For all dogsas the Canadian l’avait announced to its fans, it was here that he was finally found. south Pink Lady 2.

In an interview with Apple Music, Nicki Minaj explained the reason. Il aux Fans lors de sa Tournée que j’allais pouvoir drawing on my son’s album. “Et en fait, la chanson dont il parlait était Needle”to which Nicki Minaj stated.

Avangard de pursuivre: “More il fini think about it, Sonically it doesn’t match For All The Dogs. And now from the first day I have an impression corresponding to Pink Friday 2.“.

Lorsk Drake proposed to Nicki Minaj to become a figure skater Needle The rap on her album was immediately accepted. I want I want to upload my album. I answered yes– Nicki Minaj concluded.

Une chose est sûre, le titre Needle I’ve been a huge success upres des fans. Clip verra-t-il le jour? You chose this, this is truly the most important thing!

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