Drug to regenerate lost teeth to be tested on humans in September

A team of scientists led by a Japanese pharmaceutical startup is working on a drug to stimulate the growth of new teeth. World firstAims to commercialize it around 2030.

The company is expected Toregem Biopharmafunded by Kyoto UniversityAfter the team managed to grow new teeth in mice in 2018, it will begin clinical trials in healthy adults around July 2024 to confirm the drug’s safety, Kyodo agency reports.

Most people have it “Tooth buds” They have the potential to develop into a new tooth in addition to the baby and permanent teeth, although the buds usually do not develop and later disappear.

The team has created An antibody drug that blocks a protein that inhibits tooth growthActing on these buds and stimulating their growth.

Efficacy in ferrets

In 2018, the team delivered the drug FerretsWho have baby and permanent teeth like humans, and new teeth have grown.

The team plans to begin clinical trials of the drug in 2025 on children aged 2 to 6 years with anodontia, who are born without some or all of their permanent teeth. The children are I will inject A dose to stimulate the growth of your teeth.

“Lack of teeth in a child can affect the development of the jaw bone,” he said. Katsu TakahashiCo-founder of Torgem Biopharma and head of dentistry and oral surgery at Kitano Hospital in Osaka.

Too There is hope for using this drug for adults in the future. Causes that lead to tooth decay Aspect“We hope this drug will play an important role in solving these problems,” Takahashi said.

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