EAACI Congress starts in Valencia

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With a motto “Revolutionizing patient care through the power of data science” The EAACI International Congress has begun. Over four days, experts will talk about the latest developments in this area of ​​great importance: allergies are a major public health problem and cover many conditions.

Drug allergy is a serious adverse reaction that can have serious consequences. ““Antibiotics, especially penicillin and its derivatives, are the drugs that most often cause allergic reactions,” It is said Maria José Torres, Secretary General of EAACI. “NSAIDs, Radiological contrast agents and chemotherapy also account for a significant proportion of reactions.“, details.

Asthma has a significant impact on quality of life if not treated properly, especially when it comes to asthma and obesity,“two common health conditions that have a significant impact on people’s quality of life” stands out Andre Moreira, co-president of the scientific program of the Congress.

Innovation themes

Another big problem comes from the progress made in allergy treatment. As explained Stefano Del Giacco, President of EAACIIn the field of precision medicine, the identification of genetic variants associated with greater susceptibility to allergies and the use of specific biomarkers have improved the treatment of certain types of allergies, allowing the development of more personalized treatments.”

“We are achieving excellent results in the use of immunotherapy for allergic rhinitis and asthma,” It is said Mübekçel Akdis, co-president of the scientific program of the Congress. “Also in the case of food allergies, with oral therapy or personalization of vaccines taking into account the patient’s immune profile.

Using big data in allergology “enables the collection and analysis of large volumes of clinical, genetic and environmental data that are used to identify risk factors and allergy patterns.” dot Mohamed Shamji, Vice President of the EAACI Congress.

AI is improving allergy diagnosis through advanced analysis of clinical data and is playing a critical role in developing new treatments by identifying therapeutic targets and optimizing molecules. “We live in a time of great and promising progress, which is not without problems”concludes Shamji.



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