EAT EGGS FOR BREAKFAST | Is it healthy to eat eggs for breakfast every day?

Is it healthy to eat eggs for breakfast every day?R.S.

For several years now, some nutrition schools have been warning that eating too many eggs per week is bad for our health. In fact, it is believed that bad cholesterol levels may increase. cause cardiovascular problems. However this may not be entirely true.

Including eggs every day in your diet can have protective effect on our health. Although it is best to fry or boil them, Avoid cooking them fried. In the same way, they can be prepared in the form of an omelet or scrambled eggs, as long as there is little oil.

This food contains a lot of protein and as we said, Cooking it without oil avoids excess fat, making it ideal for weight loss.. The proteins contained in eggs have good saturating effect, and its macronutrients help maintain the muscle tissue of our body.

For this reason, eggs are one of the best foods to include in an athlete’s diet. Among other advantages, They are rich in vitamin A, useful for vision and also very useful for the construction of cell membranes.

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