EBAU sets a new path to reaching age 14 and access to healthcare

Students taking the EBAU in 2024 will have to choose between taking History of Spain or philosophy, a return to the old model, which was replaced a few years ago by the obligation to use the “History” option. A choice that, if desired, study medicineIt should be clear: the history exam is the best choice.

The Department for Education and Skills has confirmed a return to the dual choice model, meaning students will have to choose based not only on their personal preferences, but also on their final grade. AND History may be a safer card to specify the content of the subject.

History in EBAU for admission to medicine

For this reason, Carlos Osorio, head of the Osorio Academy, explained Medical letter Which option should be most appropriate for these students? Although both options carry equal weight, the expert recommends choosing Spanish History if they want to study medicine as it material that can be prepared in a more structured way and therefore less likely to make a mistake.

In case of preparation Philosophy test, noted that this requires, in addition to knowledge, an understanding of the authors’ lives, which can be somewhat more ambiguous. Despite this, the coach emphasizes that there are students who can answer this type of answer better, which may benefit them in the final assessment.

Moreover, it emphasizes that the knowledge it provides The subject of philosophy becomes important when developing the work of a future doctor. because it addresses the ethical issues that “become vital” in a physician’s career and the situations he or she will encounter on the job.

The subject “Philosophy” is “necessary for the development of the activities of a future doctor”

And, besides choosing Spanish history, what else can a student do to get 14 credits in EBAU and gain access to medicine? First of all, it is necessary to properly organize the curriculum for each subject so that you canit’s easier for me to remember. Likewise, experts stress that not only do you need to study the curriculum, but also that understanding the basics of what is being explained in philosophy, for example, is key to success.

Choose history or philosophy to study medicine

Item Philosophy has ceased to be the main subject in undergraduate studies., so it was not mandatory in the EBAU test. Now that it has again become an important part for final year students of the institute, the dual model is coming back to avoid adding another exam to the test.

Despite this, the draft of this new EBAU model, which is not yet official, appears to give students the option of choosing philosophy or Spanish history (whichever is not part of their compulsory test). optional subject to improve gradesThus, 100% preparation of both can form the basis of the evaluation of students who finally enter medical school.

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