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FIFA’s disciplinary committee imposed a financial fine on Ecuador and imposed sanctions on Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay with partial stadium closures for the next matches for incidents in 2026 World Cup qualifiers held since September last year.

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Argentina will have to close at least 50% of the stadium’s seats in the next match and pay a fine of 50,000 Swiss francs ($58,000), which it will put towards an anti-discrimination plan, and another 20,000 Swiss francs ($23,000). A fine of more than 50,000 francs for six months will also be subject to compliance with the above plan.

FIFA imposed these sanctions for the delay of a match against Ecuador in September and the discriminatory behavior of its fans, as well as for a pitch invasion against Uruguay and disorder in and/or around the stadium against Brazil in November.

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Chile will also have to close their pitch to 50% capacity in their next match due to discriminatory behavior by their fans and delays against Colombia in September and against Peru in October; in addition to paying a fine of CHF 80,000 for investing in an anti-discrimination plan.

Failure to comply with this plan within six months will mean another fine (50,000 Swiss francs) for Chile, which will have to pay another 5,000 francs ($5,800) for their team’s misconduct (5 individual sanctions) in the match against Uruguay in September.

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The Colombian team will play its next match in a partially closed stadium with at least 25% capacity, and received a fine of 30,000 Swiss francs ($35,000) to invest in an anti-discrimination plan for delaying the match against Chile. and the discriminatory treatment of its fans last September, as well as a fine of more than 500 francs ($587) for throwing objects, as well as the delay of a fight with Uruguay in October.

The Disciplinary Commission, in turn, imposed a further fine of 50,000 Swiss francs on the Colombian team, subject to the implementation of the above-mentioned plan within six months.

Uruguay will be the other team that must close the field in the next match (at least 25%) and pay a fine of 30,000 Swiss francs, aimed at the anti-discrimination plan, for delays against Colombia and Brazil and the discriminatory behavior of their fans. , against Argentina. Failure to comply with the plan within six months will result in another fine of another 50,000 francs.

Other FIFA sanctions target Brazil: fines of CHF 5,000 for delay and pitch intrusion in a match against Bolivia in September; 15,000 for team misconduct (5 individual sanctions) against Uruguay in October and 50,000 for failure to maintain order in and around the stadium against Argentina in November.

Bolivia were also fined CHF 5,000 for team misconduct (5 individual sanctions) in a match against Paraguay in October; Ecuador with 5,000 men to invade Uruguay in September; Paraguay 4,000 ($4,600) for throwing against Colombia in November and Peru 7,500 ($8,800) for field invasion against Argentina in October and 10.00 for holding against Bolivia in November.

On the player side, the Disciplinary Commission sanctioned Chilean Victor Memdes and Paraguayan Robert Rojas for two games, both of whom were suspended in a match between their national teams in November; Bolivian Roberto Carlos Fernandez, who was sent off against Argentina in September, and Brazilian Joelinton Cassio, who also played a red role against La Albiceleste last November. (D)

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