Ecuadorian police admit they don’t know where jailed criminal gang leader is

This is one of the scenes recorded in the regional prison that appears in Aka Fito’s Narcocorrido, which was released in September 2023. On January 7, 2024, officials confirmed that they did not know his whereabouts.

General Commander of the Ecuadorian Police, Cesar Zapataindicated that Adolfo Macias VillamarSurname Fitoleader of megaband Choneros He is not in his cell at the Guayaquil Regional Jail. According to Zapata, during an intervention at the prison this afternoon by law enforcement forces, agents realized that Alias ​​Fito was not on the prison premises. The Attorney General’s Office said it had opened an ex officio investigation into the leader’s escape.

As confirmed by reserved source infobaealias Fito, leaves prison upon learning of possible transfer to maximum security prison rockWhere he was already mobilized on August 12, 2023. However, on September 8 last year, a judge ordered that he be returned to the regional jail from where he had disappeared over the weekend.

President of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa, called the Council of Public and State Security to meet in Guayaquil this Sunday afternoon. Despite press insistence, the official statement on the matter came seven hours after the first alert about Aka Fito’s escape. The government even announced a message to the nation but canceled it.

Adolfo Macias, alias ‘Fito’, leader of Los Choneros, when he was transferred to La Roca maximum security prison in August 2023. Less than a month later, a judge ordered his return to the regional jail.

Official statement given by Roberto IzurietaSecretary of Communications of the Presidency, who assured that more than 3,000 members of the security forces (police and armed forces) intervened in the regional prison to search for the surname Fito: “operation continues, “We cannot give much information,” he said.

Commander Zapata reported that both the police and armed forces are investigating to determine the whereabouts of alias Fito. The general reiterated that law enforcement forces have government support and indicated that the Public Ministry initiated actions this afternoon: “We will continue the operation internally until we find the address of this citizen.”, he assured.

Former director of rehabilitation and security expert Alexandra Zumárraga published on her X account (formerly Twitter) that alias Fito “commanded” the regional jail and that “if he was imprisoned, it was because he wanted to.” According to Zumárraga infobae In October 2023, people of alias Fito protected that prison. Ecuadorian journalist in exile, Karol Norona, also spoke in X and revealed: “As of Christmas, Aka Fito was in the regional jail. , Fito survived the gaze and patience of the entire system,

alias Fito, the leader of Los Choneros, said in a statement from prison. (archive)

The leader of Los Choneros was no ordinary prisoner, he had privileges including Report prepared by a delegation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Who visited Ecuador. In September 2023, launch of potion saga Nicknamed in honor of Fito. The video contained images of the kingpin inside the regional jail cell block.

Alias ​​Fito is sentenced for organized crime and murder. The kingpin will have to serve 34 years in prison. The leader of Los Choneros has a long criminal history and this is not his first escape. In 2013, when he was imprisoned in La Roca maximum security prison, he also escaped. In 2021, his daughter was kidnapped, After one year, They tried to kill his son.

Since May 2023, Aka Fito becomes the sole leader of Los Choneros. aka jrThose with whom he shared the leadership of Megaband were assassinated in Colombia. During the August 2023 presidential campaign, former candidates Fernando Villavicencio said he was threatened by the leader of Los Choneros, Villavicencio was assassinated on August 9. The murder is still being investigated by authorities.

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