Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga for four years in prison

A woman who runs a book sales operation worth more than a million pounds, which checks and resells bills in the “industrial sector”, is facing the same sentence as four years in prison.

Maria Chenery-Woods runs TQ Tickets Limited, which uses more than 100 IDs to obtain tickets for artists such as Ed Sheeran and Lady Gaga and sell them for ticket prices on secondary sites such as Viagogo. TQ tickets sold for 6.5 million sterling concert bills between 2015 and 2017, but do not include the cents of billions of livres of tickets sold by commercial standards agents found by the lors d’une descente in their Dickleburgh bureaus. , in Norfolk.

I played Simon Baptiste, declaring that Chenery-Woods resorts to help “for cupidit” and Visait à “escroker or sponsorship of clients with the money that is possible.”

In the bathroom, I explained that TQ Tickets uses a file containing over 100 IDs to obtain invoices from major sales sites such as Ticketmaster. Some of these personalities are the cells of a child aged 10, a deceased parent and other children who are complete failures.

Judge Baptiste said entrepreneurship “creates criminal activity” and “corrupts” students and other young people to help them make money.

“Some minor application sites are, in fact, some major sites that are complicit de ce que vous faisiez. It is best to use the voltage release function” and this will be useful.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga. Photo: Jackson Lee/Getty

Chenery Woods officer Paul Douglas was jailed for two and five months. Maria’s son, Mark Woods, and her sister, Linda Chenery – who was Douglas’s equal ex-wife – were sentenced to prison terms for their role in the enterprise fraud.

Sheeran’s manager Stuart Camp and promoter Stuart Galbraith are making statements about the progress of the proceedings, discussing “proceeding measures” to push dealers to recount bills on the march to price gonflies.

In the Suite of Verdicts, M. Galbraith stated: “Le verdict d’aujourd’hui is a bonne nouvelle for lovers of live music, which is a trope, souvent-arnakes and exploitations among the sellers of forgotten records. »

Currently, Lord Michael Beshear, president of the National Trading Standards Authority, said the conviction was “too important in the latest work to combat line traders.”

Together with Ed Sheeran, the artist became a live surprise at Brighton Primary School la semaine dernière.

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