Edgar Badia and the sticks prevent Eldensa from beating Real Zaragoza

ELDA/ADVANCE. Eldense And Royal Zaragoza They start the second round with a fourth straight draw in the championship.

Azulgranas and Blancilos played out a draw on Monday evening in the match they ended the 22nd round of the tournament. La Liga Hypermovementa match in which the guests took the lead in the 28th minute Maikel Mesahelps a lot Fran Gamezwho previously stole in the wide area against Timor. Now, eight minutes later, the team Fernando Estevez restored the tables thanks Mario Soberon to the center Mark Mateuanother of the great heroes of the conflict along with Edgar Badia and in the second half he defended the goalposts himself.

The Barcelona goalkeeper and Woods denied Eldense at least twice the opportunity to celebrate a more than deserved second goal that would have taken them closer to victory and given them a six-point cushion before elimination. In the end it will still be four points.

Data sheet:

1 – CD Eldens: Alvaro Aceves, Tony Abad (Poloni, min. 72), Dumik, Inigo Pigna, Sergio Ortuno, Mario Soberon (‘Juanto’ Ortuño, min. 67), hehhis Clemente, Ivan Chapela (Mo Dauda, min. 75), , Alex Bernal (Pedro Capo, min. 72), Mark Mateu And Timor (Arnau Ortiz, min. 75).

1 – Royal Zaragoza: Edgar Badia, Jair, Alexander French, Watery, Maikel Mesa (reddish brown, min. 83), Franco, Mourino (Ivan Azon, min. 61), Fran Gamez, Victor Mollejo (Sergi Enrich, min. 83), Tony Moya (James, min. 83) and Lekush (Manu Vallejo, min. 69).

Goals: 0-1, min. 28: Maikel Mesa; 1-1, min. 36: Mario Soberon.

Arbitration: man from Oviedo Miguel Gonzalez Diaz showed yellow color Mark Mateu, Alex Bernal And Poloni for him Eldense already Victor Mollejo, Mark Aguado And Sergi Enrich for him Royal Zaragoza.

Incidents: match corresponding to the 22nd round in La Liga Hypermovement disputed in Stadium Nuevo Pepico Amat from Elda in front of 3,981 spectators, of whom one hundred were fans Royal Zaragoza. Before the crash begins, two agents National Police Corps They held an honorary start in honor of his 200th anniversary.

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