Eduardo Strauch talks about cannibalism in the Andes: “After a few days it was like eating a chicken”

Eduardo Strauch, Adolfo ‘Fito’ Strauch and Daniel Fernandez StrauchThe three survivors of the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which crashed in the Andes, speak to Jordi Evole about their painful experience In which he kept feeding food to his companions.

As he confesses in ‘Lo de Evol’, at first it was a “Forbidden” topic PPlow them. As he recalled, it was ‘Fito’ who came up with the idea during a cold night. In fact, at first, he thought so He had gone “half mad”.

However, when he discussed the idea with Daniel, he confessed that he had also thought about it and he shared it with the rest of his classmates. few of them at first he refused But seeing that it was the only way to survive, he accepted it.

,It took some time to convince many people,” Eduardo explains that he also recognizes it they felt guilty Because they were not allowed to eat the dead bodies of their comrades. “When you are going to assume a body, If you can eat that body you didn’t ask permission.And that was a taboo that hurt us,” Fito alleges.

This gave us some courage to apologize to those who died

So, as an apology, he offered himself in case he died. ,“It gave us some courage to apologize to those who died,” says Fito.

This is how ‘phyto’ came to be To be the first to dissect a partner’s body, Who was with his face down, so that it could not be known who he was. Furthermore, he assured them that in order to “downplay” the difficult situation, he told them that it tasted “like raw ham without salt”.

I had no problem because my mind was blocked.

“The incredible thing about man is that in a few days it was like eating chicken“, Eduardo confesses. “I didn’t have any problems because The mind was blocked. If not, we would have gone crazy,” the survivor highlighted.

he convinced the reluctant

Despite everything, there were still some people who were reluctant to eat human flesh, so ‘Fito’ highlights that he had an idea to convince them. “On the 14th something very good happened, which happened with Marcelo, and that is so that those who did not want to eat could eat, we lifted an aluminum sheet from behind the seats, “We broke a wooden Coca Cola crate, and we lit a little fire with it.”he points out.

“So, we cut several pieces and grilled them, and all the pieces They weren’t able to eat, they ate steak, and it was much better“, ‘Fito’ comments.

However, Eduardo Strauch believes that the quantity was enough to survive, so he was not satisfied. They were forstop weakening,

meat delivery

On the other hand, they comment on how they distributed the meat: “We will take a piece of a body and distribute it among everyone. You took out the skin, you took out the meat, you cut the meat into small pieces and you took out two identical pieces and no one complained and everything was fine.”

Furthermore, Daniel claims that they were the only people who knew “which body was used.” “The rest didn’t know. It is very different to say that today they are going to eat Pedro And tomorrow at Juan’s, who knows who you are eating. They never asked that and we never said that,” he explains.

It was much easier to do this with someone you didn’t know.

And when Awole asked what was the criteria for choosing who they would feed, ‘Fito’ replied that they chose those they did not know. “Or they weren’t very close to the majority“. “Doing it with someone you didn’t know was much easier than doing it with a close friend. We had a very unpleasant task before us,” he says.

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