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After the topic of the alleged infidelity of Eduin Caz to his wifethe vocalist of Firm Group and Daisy Anahy are experiencing one of the best stages of their relationship, but like everything in this life, nothing is perfect and there are times when, like any couple, they have small problems, which are solved in the shortest possible time so that harmony and love continue to reign in your home.

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Although the idea is to solve the problems almost immediately, the Mexican singer has acknowledged on social networks that he takes advantage of those moments of discomfort to annoy his wife even more with certain attitudes that, according to him, most men do so that their couple becomes even more enraged. Will that be true?

In addition, everything he does to make Daisy Anahy even more upset has been recorded in a funny video that he uploaded to TikTok and Instagram, social platforms on which the artist is very active in order to have a greater connection with his fans. Mexico and from all over the world.

The vocalist and leader of Grupo Firme has been in a relationship with the mother of his two children for several years (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)
The vocalist and leader of Grupo Firme has been in a relationship with the mother of his two children for several years (Photo: Eduin Caz / Instagram)


Thanks to the singer’s publication we have been able to learn that, when his wife gets upset with him, he takes a conflictive attitude and creates a bit of disorder in his house so that she loses patience.

For example, you put dirty clothes out of the right place, you dirty a glass of water and you don’t wash it, you create dirt on the floor, etc. What’s more, to graph everything, he recorded himself performing all those actions.

As if that were not enough, he placed a description, ensuring that all men do the same.

“Me, when I am at war with my wife (and all men). If you look at this I love you my love ”, wrote the singer of Grupo Firme.


Daisy Anahy is 28 years old. and is the wife of Eduin Caz, vocalist of the Firm Group. The couple has known each other since 2009, when they still dreamed of fulfilling their personal goals together.

This way, Edward and Daisy They have been a couple for more than 12 years and they got married in 2015. As a result of that union, they have had two children, who always appear on the social networks of the marriage.

The success and fame, the changes in the life of the singer, have not diminished the relationship between Eduin Caz and Daisy Anahyto the point that the artist prefers to spend a night with his family than in the billboardsthe most important and famous awards such as bad bunny, Christian Nodalamong others.


As a result of its success, Grupo Firme has appeared in the Top 10 of the best paid groups in Pollstar magazine. This is one of the world’s leading trade publications for the concert and live music industry, as well as one of the most successful international consultancies in this field.

In its most recent evaluation of the music industry, Pollstar revealed that Billy Joel, Bruno Mars and Grupo Firme are the artists with the highest income so far this year in the United States, according to information from Bandamax.

Specifically, it was revealed that the “Firm Group” has an estimated income of 3 million dollars per tour, ranking third on this list.

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