Egg diet: this way you can lose 11 kilograms in two weeks

Egg diet: this way you can lose 11 kilograms in two weeksFree choice

If you are looking for a meal plan that will help you lose weight soon May be egg diet Hard is the best alternative for you. This regime ensures that if the recommendations are strictly followed, it is possible to achieve lose weight 11 kilograms in just two weeks.

It offers a weekly menu focused on consumption two to four hard-boiled eggs and vegetablesas well as citrus fruits in small quantities, offer nourishes and helps maintain muscle mass body.

Hard Boiled Egg Diet It is very rich in protein, since eggs are one of the highest protein foods that exist. Also in vitamins and nutrients and contain healthy fats and minerals.

The main purpose of this diet reduce sugar and salt intake and completely prohibits reception processed foods, refined sugars and carbohydrates.

Sample menu after the egg diet

Although eggs have many health benefits, The duration of this regime should not exceed two weeks. as caloric intake is lower than recommended and prevents us from consuming certain foods that we will have to reintroduce into our diet in the long run.

The diet is based on eating boiled eggs preferably in the morning, but should be consumed the rest of the day vegetables and lean proteins.

  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, citrus fruit, tea or coffee.
  • Food: Green salad and 1 piece of grilled chicken.
  • Dinner: 1 fruit, two slices of whole grain bread and tea.

During breakfast You can supplement the eggs with a piece of fruit or a slice of whole grain bread. V For lunch you can eat grilled chicken and salad, and for dinner, for variety, you can include fish. He perfect menu will vary between chicken, fruits, vegetables and fishpreferably everything cooked fried, baked or steamed.

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