“El Catrin” removed from Libertad Park: “It is ugly to be isolated because it is problematic”

The Second Court of Peace of San Salvador definitively acquitted the dancers of Libertad Park of the crime of public disorder. Both of them said that they will leave from there to clean their image.

After he was arrested on January 4 for the offense of public disorder prejudicial to public peace, Dancer Iván Carranza Cartagena, 58, known as “El Caterín”; and Carla Lisette Clara Mejia, 43, He was released yesterday after spending 72 hours in a detention center called El Penalito in San Salvador.

And during the hearing this Wednesday morning, January 10, The Second Court of Peace of San Salvador definitively acquitted the dancers of Libertad Park of the crime of public disorder.

The judge held that the charges against both dancers did not proceed judicially because it was not conduct sanctioned by judicial jurisdiction, but in line with that of the municipality.

It should be remembered that the two were caught after a video went viral on social networks in which they had an argument that led to physical and verbal attacks.

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Both were arrested last Thursday, January 4, after a fight in Plaza Libertad.

On their part, both accused said that the argument between the couple occurred because Lisette became upset because he did not answer her cell phone and that day they had agreed to go out to eat.

“I first apologize to God and I want to apologize to society in general, both here at the national level and to people outside our national borders, to let them know that this was something that was out of my hands to control. I wasn’t, but I knew how to cope. Like a true gentleman,” said the dancer.

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Both admitted that it had been “a lesson” and that they were going to withdraw from the park to “clear their names” and avoid being “slathered” in another similar situation. Additionally, Ivan revealed that he would dedicate himself to his business of running tours and teaching karate classes for tourists.

“I am only resolving my situation with the court here and I am leaving Libertad Park, because the truth of the matter is that no one can fight against a giant and it is the society that crucifys someone.” Or gets it to that point of popularity.” But today it is my personal decision (…) I need to improve my image more than anything for social health,” commented El Catrin.

The dancer and her partner decided not to go to Libertad Park to avoid being involved in another similar situation. Video: EDH/Lisette Lemus

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