“El Diabolico” and “El Samurai”, alleged gang members, captured in Mixco while transporting rifles

The National Civil Police (PNC) reported the capture of two alleged gang members who were carrying two rifles inside a vehicle traveling on km 18 of the Inter-American Highway, Mixco.

According to information, agents of the 16th Police Station of the PNC managed to capture two people on the night of January 4 during an operation on the Inter-American Highway, where they stopped the vehicle in which the two people were being transported.

It was believed that the Mitsubishi Lancer P-037KFM was carrying weapons and ammunition and after inspection they found rifles.

Those detained are 28-year-old “Gerardo Andres N”, alias “El Diabolico”, and 23-year-old Edison Alexander N, alias “Samurai”.

In information published by the Ministry of the Interior on its social networks, it is mentioned that both men are alleged members of Mara Salvatrucha.

The PNC indicated that after inspection of the vehicle, 2 M4 rifles were found; 4 hoppers, 96 live ammunition and 2 mobile devices, which will be analyzed to strengthen the investigation.

Authorities believe the weapons were intended to be used to carry out an armed attack.

The vehicle in which the two alleged gang members were driving was carrying two rifles in a vehicle that was traveling on km 18 of the Inter-American Highway, Mixco. (Free Press Photo: PNC)

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