Eldens dwarfs Espanyol

ELDA. He Eldense excites his fans due to Spanish.

Two goals with Chapela in the first half and one of Sergio Ortuno in the second they left “ko” to the team, which is “perico”, which, despite its goals, had one in its own goal Inigo A pineapple and another penalty taken Braithwaitehe no longer shot between the three sticks of the Barça goal.

Victory, second in a row for the team Fernando EstevezEldens is thirteenth with 33 points, 17 out of 50, which theoretically provides consistency in La Liga Hypermovementhis goal.

Eldense achievements

Estevez kept his bet 1-4-4-2with eleven, very similar to the one with which the game began with Amorebieta.

Deportivo already had the first chance in the match, specifically Mark Mateu A long-range shot hit the crossbar. Ten minutes into the match, Eldense took advantage of their advantage on the scoreboard, scoring from Chapela after a pass from Pigna.

Espanyol returns, but draws with Eldense

Seeing themselves ahead on the scoreboard, the Blaugranas relaxed a little, which the opponents took advantage of and equalized the score in the 19th minute as a result of an unsuccessful move when Pina scored the ball into his own net. The spectator whistled, which is why the match was interrupted for the first time for unsportsmanlike reasons, and upon arrival at both sites of both teams, a penalty kick was due (upon request video arbitration) in favor of Espanyol at the hands of Sergio Ortuno, who turned Braithwaite into a goal almost as the fourth official showed the sign with 13 minutes of added time, which will finally become longer if the game is stopped again for unsporting reasons. , this time for medical assistance in the stands of the General, and in which the Blaugranas tied the game on a corner taken by Marc Mateu, who headed Gracious First of all, Chapela scored the second goal for his team and at his own expense.

Second half, how the first ends

The second half was an exact copy of the final period of the first: Eldense seized the initiative and in the early stages, as before the break, scored a goal from a corner taken by Mark Mateu. This time the author of Barça’s goal was Sergio Ortuno, who pushed the ball into the back of the goal at the far post.

Ramis would move the bench, opening access Bucket And nakedlooking to change the pace of his team’s play, but his team looked very subdued, not giving the impression that they were capable of a draw.

Eldense’s next match is next Sunday when they face Real Oviedo at the stadium Carlos Tartier.

Data sheet:

3 – CD Eldens: Aceves, Tony Abad, DumikA pineapple, Mark Mateu; Jesus Clemente (Hood, min. 90), Sergio Ortuno, Timor (Chris Montes, min. 90), Bernal (Joel Horquera, min. 83); Chapela (Mo Daudamin.71) and Mario Soberon (‘Juanto’ Ortuño, min. 84).

2 – RKD Espanyol: Pacheco; Oscar Gil, Gomez, Cabrera, Olivan; Sanchez (Keita Bucket, min. 54), Watery (Cady Bair, min. 54), Paul Lozano, Foundling, Braithwaite (Jofre, min. 10) and Pere Milla.

Arbitration: Gonzalez Estebanbelonging Basque Committeereceived a yellow card from Eldense To Timor And A pineapple and from the side Spanish To Braithwaite And Olivan.

Goals: 1-0, min. 9: Chapela; 1-1, min. 19: A pineapple (at your door); 2-2, min. Four five: Braithwaite; 2-2, min. 45+14: Chapela; 3-2, min. 55: Sergio Ortuno.

Incidents: match of the 24th round in La Liga Hypermovement disputed in Stadium Nuevo Pepico Amat from Elda in front of 5,734 fans, about 200 of Spanish. Before the start, a minute of silence was held in memory of three team fans. Seville died in a traffic accident while going to watch his team play, former Eldens player Jose Navarro Brotonsand former director of the Barça club in the 70s of the last century Jose Navarro Esteve.

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