electric car worth 13,000 euros (with help) updated; this is change

Dacia is a brand of the Renault group created to bring smart cars to the streets at an affordable price. A distinctive feature that he also wanted to carry over into the world of electric vehicles.

As a result of this decision, the Dacia Spring was launched in 2021, an electric car with a special history. And we say that it has a special story because Initially, this car was not born as either an electric car or a Renault.

Specific, This Dacia Spring is the result of a collaboration between Dacia and the Chinese company Dongfeng. The two companies formally registered a joint venture several years ago so that Renault could share its expertise and Dongfeng could open its doors to the Chinese market.

This is how models such as R appear.Hainault The Kwid is a small, low-cost car aimed at the emerging markets of India and Latin America and produced in India and Brazil.

At that time, this cheap Renault was not yet intended for Europe. However, An electric version of the Renault City K-ZE, on which the Dacia Spring is based, will be introduced in 2019.. And then they decide to bring it to Europe.

That’s when the Dacia Spring will arrive in Europe in 2021 and From then until 2023, 140,000 units were sold worldwide, of which approximately 4,500 were sold in Spain.originally registered as a shared car on the car sharing platform Zity.

Therefore we can say that Dacia Spring almost achieved unexpected success. Causes? Well, basically it’s the cheapest electric car since For around 20,000 euros without assistance (about 13,000 with subsidies) you can have access to an electric car for the city.

Arrival of the new Dacia Spring 2024

However, over the years the safety measures imposed by Europe have become stricter and the current Dacia Spring has not complied with them since this summer. Thus, the Renault Group and Dacia in particular were “forced” to release the Dacia Spring with a major overhaul by that time.

And this is how this update happens Dacia Spring, which does not change either the platform or dimensions (3.70 meters) but it is improving in design and, above all, in equipment, both in comfort and safety.

Group design

So, starting with the development of this new Dacia Spring receives the latest design innovations that were incorporated into the Duster. In this way, the Renault group aims to create a signature style among its core models.

This new design that Dacia Spring uses now offers a greater degree of reliability, making it even more attractive. It’s also a deep redesign because, according to Dacia, only the roof has been retained, meaning all other body parts have been changed as well. Added to this are new additions such as new front and rear LED lights.

Another key aspect in this regard is better interiors. Now Dacia Spring has a more digital interior. Thus, you get a 7-inch digital configurable instrument cluster. in all versions and a 10-inch central multimedia screen of the highest quality.

An interior in which we wanted to offer greater quality, so the materials and colors used were improved.

Engines and battery unchanged

As for the propulsion system, there are no changes. The Dacia Spring is available in the first, more basic version with 45 hp, which is initially intended to increase sales. To her A second option with more power (65 hp) has been added. which is in greatest demand. Additionally, this engine is also available in more affordable trim levels, so it is also available at a competitive price.

This motor is battery powered Power is 26.8 kWh, which provides a range of 220 kilometers.. The battery is designed to NCM cathodes (lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese). Thus, the consumption is about 14.6 kWh per 100 kilometers. Adjusted figures due to the vehicle’s retained weight, which 984 kilograms (about 6 more kilograms).

Autonomy is just over 200 km.

Autonomy, which according to Dacia is valid for the use of this vehicle, since the average use of the Spring, depending on the brand, is 37 kilometers per day. It also features, for the first time, a regenerative braking system that is activated when B mode is selected via a new transmission control.

For charging, Dacia Spring is equipped as standard 7kW AC charger, allowing you to charge your battery from 20 to 100% from a household outlet in less than 11 hours, or in 4 hours from a 7kW wallbox. A 30kW DC charger is available as an option for fast charging from 20% to 80% in 45 minutes.

In addition, Dacia Spring offers bi-directional V2L (vehicle to load) charging capability for the first time, allowing it to be used as an energy source to power electrical appliances. A special adapter that connects to the vehicle’s charging socket located under the grille provides a traditional 220V/16A socket.

More security

Regarding security, this is one of the key sections that the new Spring includes. It comes standard with new driving aids that meet the latest European safety standards: Brake Assist (ABS), Road Sign Recognition with Speed ​​Warning, Rear Park Assist, Lane Change Warning, Keep Assist traffic lanes, driver attention. monitoring and emergency call system (eCall).

In addition, Dacia has added a “My Safety” button that provides quick access to your preferred driving assistance settings.

In terms of equipment, the new Dacia Spring includes a 7-inch digital instrument panel, height-adjustable 3-spoke steering wheel, power steering, USB, speed limiter, cruise control, radio control on the steering wheel as standard. remote control lock, front power windows, rear parking sensors, 12V socket, manual air conditioning, 15-inch wheels (65 HP engine), cruise control, etc…

In turn, the top Extreme trim adds to the Expression such items as power mirrors and rear windows, a multimedia system with a 10-inch central screen, 2 USB ports and wireless Apple CarPlay and a two-way Android Auto charger.

Finally, we note that the new Dacia Spring is also available in a two-seat “cargo” version and in a version specifically designed for car sharing fleets. Orders for the New Dacia Spring will open in spring 2024, with the first examples arriving in the summer.. As for the price, it is not yet available, but from EL ESPAÑOL. According to our estimates, it will be about 20,000 euros – a figure that does not include assistance. With assistance, it can start from 11,000 or 13,000 euros depending on whether the old car is scrapped.

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