Elle Fanning Confirmed In Next Hideo Kojima Project

At the last Tokyo Game Show, Hideo Kojima featured a rather mysterious trailer for an upcoming project. “Who am I?” read the teaser, superimposed over the silhouette of an unidentified person.

However, the revelation occurred this Thursday, October 6: it is about the actress Elle Fanning.


— Jose Mellinas ❗ (@JoseMellinas_) September 15, 2022

A QR code erected at the Australian gaming convention PAX Aus this week has confirmed exactly that. The code was found next to a poster of the same cryptic silhouette, but where the overlay text reads “Where am I?” Scan it and you’ll end up on a web page where the silhouette is revealed to be… *drum roll please* Elle Fanning! Just in case there was any doubt, the page also confirms that anything Fanning is involved with will be “a Hideo Kojima game.”

Here is the QR code pic.twitter.com/8nPbJFxY3W

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 7, 2022

In terms of official announcements, we know that Kojima Productions is working on a new unannounced game for Xbox Game Studios, but that also continue to have a good relationship with the original publisher of Death StrandingSonyInteractiveEntertainment.

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