Elle Fanning dresses up as Paris Hilton for W Magazine

Elle Fanning transforms into Paris Hilton!

The 24-year-old “Maleficent” star took to her Instagram and uploaded several photos of herself where you can see fully personified as the hotel heiress41 years old.

The actress showed off her fine figure while wearing a tiny hot pink top made of velvet fabric for the pictures of W Magazine.

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For the bottom, Fanning also wore baggy overalls with blue, brown and green prints, as if they looked like a military man, and finished her look with silver stilettos.

Elle wore long platinum blonde locks and a cap from the brand von dutch It matched her bathing suit. She added more accessories, like a silver necklace, a fake belly button piercing, and sunglasses.

Instead of bringing a real dog like Hilton did with her iconic chihuahua Tinkerbell, the star he chose to bring a stuffed puppy.

Fanning was photographed in an unknown place that looked like a farm since the concept of his photo shoot was inspired by the reality show starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie “The Simple Life”broadcast from 2003 to 2007.

In the caption to her social media post, Fanning noted that she “chose to dress as THE ICONIC @parishilton in The Simple Life for W’s TV portfolio.”

Since the young actress published the images of her costume, went quite viral among Hilton’s fans and hundreds of them also took to the comments section to congratulate her on her tribute.

The actress admitted that she loved the reality show “The Simple Life” because of her sister, Dakota Fanningduring her interview with the magazine and also said that she loves rewatching the series, including the way she and her older sister “act out the scenes.”

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“Every two years or so, I will watch the show again. I love Nicole Richie. I love Paris Hilton,” Fanning said. “I’ve met Paris a few times, and she’s the kindest and coolest. It was so fascinating to hear in the Paris documentary how she took on this persona for the reality show. She’s pretty smart.”

Fanning continued, “My sister and I would watch it and act out the scenes. Normally I was Nicole Richie and she was Paris. We were saying ‘That’s Hot’ and ‘Loves It.’

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