Emelek abandoned this player and now he has to return to the club

This Tuesday, January 9, 2024, it was confirmed that the steering wheel that Emelek excluded at the beginning of 2023, Roberto Garceshe will have to return to the club after his loan at Libertad ends in LigaPro. The tricolor midfielder had a purchase option but it ultimately did not work out and he will have to return to the blue team in the new season.

Roberto Garces arrived in Emelek in 2022. as one of the players who offered the most options in midfield, however, injuries and few opportunities prevented him from performing at his best. for the season 2023 club He gave it to Libertad de Loja. with a call option that ultimately did not come into effect.

Emelek He lacks players in the midfield, but Roberto Garces is not in coach Hernan Torres’ plans and will be looking for a new loan for him at LigaPro. “Cat” arrived at the “electric” club with a contract signed until 2025.

“Bombillo” is in the center of the field with Christian Valencia, Marcelo Meli, Ronnie Borja for this year 2024. Likewise, the arrival of Christian Erbes will be closed, so Roberto Garces will no longer have a place in the starting lineup and as an alternative.

Roberto Garces arrived at Emelec for the 2022 season and has a contract until 2025. (Photo: API)

In Libertad de Loja Roberto Garces Ultimately, it was important for the team to gain a foothold in midfield and achieve the necessary results to save the category. “Gato” can again reach Libertad de Loja, who a few days ago announced that he was looking for a loan.

This is what Roberto Garcés did in Emeletz in 2022

Roberto Garces in In 2022, he played 26 games for Emelets. between LigaPro and Copa Libertadores. He didn’t score a single goal and gave just one assist. He was unable to earn a starting spot as Ismael Rescalvo and Miguel Rondelli ruled him out for 2023.

Which players should return to Emelek by 2024?

Players who should return to Emelek If the teams they were loaned to do not exercise the purchase option: Sebastian Tarira, Dixon Vera, Kevin Rivera, Roberto Garces and Byron Palaciosthe latter did not have a purchase option but is working in pre-season with El Nacional, so his current situation is expected to be confirmed.

The ups and downs of Emelets in 2024

For the 2024 season, Emelek has confirmed additions to its squad, such as: Marcelo Meli, Rodrigo Rivero, Maicon Solis, Andres Ricaurte, Washington Corozo. Official announcements are expected to be made in the next few hours regarding Christian Erbes, Thiago Vecino or Facundo Castelli, Alexandre Gonzalez and other possible signings.

In addition, Emelek has players who have been in the starting lineup throughout 2023, such as: Anibal Chala, Diego Garcia, Samuel Sosa, Brian Angulo, Carlos Villalba, Blaner Agron, Alexis Zapata and Jose Francisco Cevallos, in mainly due to contract termination rather than contract extension.

Survey Should Emelek keep Roberto Garces in their team?

Should Emelek keep Roberto Garces in their team?

Yes, this would be an option for midfield

No, this position is already taken


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