Emily Blunt almost let her obsessive thoughts win while watching a movie in the cinema

We all have those moments when someone does something really annoying in the theater and we just want to listen to them. Even celebrities are not immune to this feeling and can get angry at someone who is too annoying in the cinema. Emily Blunt once talked about how she encountered someone who was too annoying and how she planned to treat such people.

Emily Blunt Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt

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Emily Blunt talks about being annoyed by a man in the theater

Emily Blunt once appeared in an interview on a late-night talk show. Conan and spoke about the Israeli martial art she learned known as Krav Maga. The English actress described this martial art as “very deadly“where they can”use any part of your body to destroy someone” Blunt added that it is a very aggressive form. The actress further narrated an incident where she imagined how she would kill a man if she was attacked. She said,

“When I was making a movie, I went to the movies one night and there was a guy next to me, and we all know that when people talk on their phones and text during a movie, the lights on their phones are distracting. So he was texting and I just gently said, “Would you mind not doing this while watching the movie?” He looked at me like he could watch me, and I just thought, “What would I do if this guy attacked me?” It sucked so much that I sat there and planned an imaginary attack that never happened.”

Emily Blunt on ConanEmily Blunt on Conan
Emily Blunt Conan

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The actress went on to talk about how she would deal with a guy who threatened her, and let’s just say it could get ugly very quickly.

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After hearing the story of how angry she was at this guy, Conan O’Brien just told Emily Blunt how she would attack if this guy actually threatened her. Blunt immediately responded:

“I’d probably just go for the balls, right? “It’s the fastest way to dump someone.”

Conan further asked what they teach in the martial arts of Krav Maga or is it just instinct. The actress admitted that yes, they really are taught this. She said,

“They teach you how to knee someone in the balls multiple times, but it’s weird. I talked to John (Krasinski) about it. I was like, “Is it incredibly painful for a guy to get kneed or kicked in the balls or something?” and he was like, “This is incredible.” You can’t compare it to getting hit in the chest, like it doesn’t compare.”

Emily BluntEmily Blunt
Emily Blunt

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Well, it’s good that the guy didn’t try to intimidate Emily Blunt in the theater, otherwise he would have learned about the effectiveness of Krav Maga in exactly the wrong way as he would have liked.

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