Emma Roberts in Two-Piece Red Workout Gear is “So Stunning”

Emma Roberts is combining two of her favorite things—staying active, and raising money for a good cause. Roberts, 32, shared pictures of herself hiking in the Hollywood Hills wearing a tomato-red two-piece workout outfit, in support of charity Girls Inc. “FP Movement has partnered with Girls Inc. since 2016, to help them in their mission to inspire all girls to be STRONG, SMART, and BOLD through charitable donations, advocacy, programming, and mentorship impact. Every day, FP Movement donates 1% of net proceeds to Girls Inc,” she captioned the post. “Always so stunning Emma,” a fan commented. Here’s what Roberts does to stay fit and full of energy—cupcakes and donuts included!

Roberts does yoga, Pilates, and cardio with a personal trainer. “I started working out regularly when I was living in New Orleans shooting American Horror Story: Coven several years ago” she tells Shape. “I really fell in love with the food there. To counter all I was eating, I worked out more. It was a great balance: I’d have fried-chicken sliders at night and then go to my yoga class the next morning. “

Roberts tries not to overthink her diet, focusing on healthy choices such as a chopped salad with avocado, chicken, and tomatoes for lunch, and protein and rice for dinner. “I do what feels good for me at the time,” she tells Shape. “I try not to say that I won’t eat something. Instead, I stay in tune with my body and my mind, and I think, What do I feel like eating? I love cupcakes, ice cream, and Sidecar Doughnuts. Sometimes I bring sweets for everyone at work as an excuse to eat them.”


Roberts’ beauty routine has simplified since having son Rhodes in 2020. “I’m always trying to minimize my makeup bag and my skincare bag, because I’m always traveling,” she tells InStyle. “Especially now, having a baby, I find I need to have fewer things. Usually, the things that are always in my bag are sunscreen, Finishing Touch Flawless Brows (because I have a minor major brow obsession). I love having a rosewater mist in there and just a simple cleanser. That’s my bare minimum.. Of course, if you actually come into my bathroom, it looks like an apothecary.”

Roberts’ personal style has also changed with motherhood. “I just try to keep everything pretty simple. I noticed that you can immediately transform a casual outfit into a not-so-casual outfit with a pair of hoop earrings,” she tells InStyle. “That’s a good mom hack, hoop earrings and a red lip and it looks like you really tried. I love being comfy. I feel like not only having a baby, but then with the pandemic and how much time I spent at home, I realized I didn’t really have comfy clothes that were also cute, so I’ve started going more in that vein. I love The Great, I love Free City, I love all the T-shirts by ATM. I just feel like having comfy stuff that you can mix and match and just feel comfy in but you could also still wear to the store is an art that I’m trying to master.”

Roberts makes time before bedtime to reset and recharge. “I love, at the end of the day, after I’ve worked and my son is in bed, just taking some time for me to unplug and take a bath, read my book, do a face routine,” she tells InStyle. “That, to me, is just always the most relaxing time. And it’s something that I need, especially working and being a mom and just trying to be everything to everyone all at the same time. It’s nice to put your phone in the other room and just take some time for you. Even if it’s only 30 minutes, it just makes such a difference, I think. So, my before-bedtime bath ritual is when I can do it. I used to do it every day, but now with working and having a kid, twice a week is a win, if not once.”

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