Emma Stone – Pauvres Créatures: “Bella is a character that randi la plus hour for me”

After reporting her Golden Globe win for Best Performance in a Comedy, Emma Stone is professing all her love for her man.

On the occasion of your visit to the city of Lumiere, Emma Stone This book is in its first incarnation, Celle de l’étrange Bella Baxter dans. Poor creatures. The young woman is the fruit of many years of work by Halaine Mene, the doctor Godwin Baxter (Willem Dafoe), scientist fou mutilé puisqu’il faisait lui, as well as the office of experiments.

After the Mostra de Venise, the actress’s performance was completed. After the Golden Globe and the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress for this role, Emma Stone devait de se pencher sur l’expérience Lanthimos, qu’elle reitère pour la troisième fois. The actress loves exercise most of all and answers questions from journalists about this recent experiment. Voici un best of ses propos lors de la conférence de presse parisienne du Film.

Poor creatures: Emma Stone’s greatest role (criticism)

C’est en fait la troisième fois que nous travaillons ensemble, nous avons fait un Court-métrage entre Deux (Bleat), at-elle d’abord descended about Greek cinema. I thought that ce qui a fait la différence est que nous nous connaissions davantage. I only communicated this film idea after the tour. Favorite. Nous en parlions a moment et nous sommes devenus amis entre temps.

L’effet Lanthimos

Pour l’actrice il était évident de renewed cooperation with Yorgos Lanthimosconsidering that this repetition is an artistic compatibility in methodology:

On s’entend très bien, on se comprend, nous n’avons pas kiss the talker. Il n’aime pas intellectualizer, ce qui est formidable force, je n’aime pas non plus. It’s very practical, in terms of physique and experimenting with new choices, it’s very open. I’m very sensitive to this.

Find Bella Baxter’s rhythm

The actress in the bedroom interrupted the gestures and movements she made to live and vibrate Bella Baxter, who captured the first moments when she was a child. Peu à peu, celle-ci s’expose aux plaisirs de la vie: sex, food and dance.

Yorgos and I had to work on the movements of different stages of life. If you have a lot of experiments, she will start at the moment when she is a child, but most of all at the time when she is not around. (…)

Pour faire bouger Bella il Fallait Réaliser des Jeux d’Inventions. Ce n’est pas base sur une histoire vraie alors je ne pouvais pas faire d’imitation. These are just tests, it has passed or gone. For the wonderful occasion, I prepared a dance scene with Mark (Ruffalo). Choreographer Favorite, this place is our new beginning on this research route to know: Comment Bella peut danser? This is a form of freedom that is illuminated in prison. This is the lute, Duncan Wedderburn keeps Bella in a trap that is more than anything else, and from time to time I hold a debate for the transmeter of the influence that Bella na sur lui… Ca a été très long à préparer, nous avons mis des mois, Donc nous avons ouvert le champagne when it’s over.

Poor Creatures (2024)
Spotlight pictures

Costumes and sets are in keeping with Baxter’s Revolution.

Emma Stone abordé l’environnement pratiquement onirique dans lequel s’enfonce Bella au fils de ses voyages. A young creature wanders through atypical, apocalyptic, enneigés or encore idylliques territoires… C’est dans des costumes s’apparentant parfois à “papier bully“(d’après son interprète) que Bella Baxter means son of evolution and that of a woman.

Le fait de voir le monde à travers les yeux de Bella and makes the choice the easiest. Je voyais le monde (les Decors) du point de vue de Bella – il y ait tant de details. C’était si creatif. “All the actions he performs are like villages,” I thought. Ce qu’ils ont fait est époustouflant. L’équipe Artistique Etait Très Talentueuse. Yorgos This is also three attention to some details! Un mois avant le tournage, we have achieved success in the essay, etc. Yorgos et moi souhaitions travailler sur les forms et les colors. When Bella traveled, she was happy with her mother, she was mature and mature. These messages are informative and perfectly reflect their development and localization.

Finally, Emma Stone a statement that concerns something that concerns transportation. Bella Baxter ensemble avoir marqué au fer rouge la jeune femme, pour le meilleur:

Bella is a character who helps me.“, said the actress.

Poor creatures this is sorta le January 17, 2024 in the halls. Voice in the announcement group:

Have you reproduced the faces of star hiding places on a poster of poor creatures?

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