Emma Watson goes to the pub and blocks the entrance to the parking lot

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Royaume-UniversityEmma Watson goes to the pub and blocks the entrance to the parking lot

The problem can be solved in a favorable case if the police did not contact the angry pizzeria manager.



Emma Watson, now promoted.

Emma Watson, now promoted.


Emma Watson spends three nights of mauvez in Stratford-upon-Avon, a town located in the University of Royaum, near Oxford. The device is made in a special way, in connection with the Daily Mail. The actress will hit the streets in an Audi A3 to spend the night in a nearby pub. A small problem: the station is blocked, and a car is blocking the entrance to the parking lot located in the historical center of the city.

They behave like an angry driver at a pizzeria where the car is locked plus three hours in the parking lot, so the entrepreneur arrives to see a 12-hour day. After trying to look around at the family in nearby restaurants, the man finally decided to contact the police. This last day became a fact that became a necessity for the opening of the entrance.

“C’est ma voiture!”

The street operation is an event in the eyes of Emma Watson, who, judging by her glasses, is an outing “in trombe” du pub en hurlant “C’est ma voiture, c’est ma voiture!” for the police service provider during the operation. I’m not sure the ride is a retro Fourier style. Emma Watson was billed in addition to 192 livres sterling. No additional proportions for temporary immobilization.

Emma Watson becomes one of the Hollywood actresses immediately after appearing in the Harry Potter hut. But she decided to take a break from her career after exiting her last Little Women film in 2019’s Daily Mail.

Cela lui a laisse le temps de the realiser une publicité pour le parfum Prada, de relancer ses études à l’Oxford Université d’Université d’Oxford en vue d’obtenir une maitrise en écriture Creative… et de passer quelques soirées dans des pubs, dont une trope.

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