Emma Watson has an impressive track record as a Disney princess who is very affectionate.

In 2017, British actress Emma Watson joined the universe of Disney princesses and created a unique record that has no analogues among other princesses.


  • Emma Watson has a unique record among Disney princesses.
  • The son’s film, Belle et Betta, is the most profitable of the remakes.
  • Another Disney princess encore remake broke that record.
  • Emma Watson keeps her pendant with long-term record storage.

Emma Watson’s unique record

British actress Emma Watson, star of the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga or encore Margaret “Meg” March in The Daughters of Dr. March, is the star of Disney history in 2017. Elle a en effet rejoint le Circle of three Disney princesses with a record-breaking impression that seems irresistible.

Continued success for beauty and beauty

Disney has adapted the classic 1991 anime. La Belle and La Bettewith Emma Watson as Belle. With some changes and changes to the original story that were not made public, the film received positive reviews from critics and continued to be a huge success at the box office. Allowed Emma Watson get the sensational Disney princess entry that will set the stage for future live-action adaptations.

The most profitable Disney princess remakes

The film cost over $1.2 billion against a budget of $160 million to $255 million, also becoming the second highest-grossing film of 2017 and Disney’s highest-grossing princess remake to date. I missed the superior quality of some of the later Disney Princess remakes such as La Little Sirena In 2023, we still have no doubt that Belle et sa will be realized.

Tough record in battle

Disney is working on other live-action remakes starring two Disney princesses: Blanche-Neige and Moana. Either way, these films will likely be the first to challenge the record. La Belle and La Bette. Il est également, which can be imagined as films Rayponce and etc. Queen Nezh strong opponent on the path to success La Belle and La Bette it was adapted into a live performance. However, Emma Watson will continue to set a unique record for Disney princesses who don’t know what to do.

What are you thinking?

Emma Watson is her new life as an iconic Disney beauty, her best hope for an undeniable talent. They claim that well-executed live-action remakes can captivate audiences and achieve phenomenal success. Besides, it’s not enough for a transposition of classic anime and live-action to guarantee success – it’s also about reliable distribution and a good story. This is a goal that Disney must continue to pursue in its future remakes.

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