Emma Watson in 7 outstanding roles

In 2001, Emma Watson went from shadow to light when “Harry Potter and the School of Sorcerers” was released in dark rooms. For ten years, she will perfectly embody (like her character) the young Hermione Granger and grow up in front of the camera, in the limelight. As radiant as she is talented, Emma Watson was able – unlike the majority of her little sorcerer comrades – to hold her own and give new impetus to her career once the magic saga was completed.

A remarkable career

In 2011, she was chosen by Simon Curtis to play Lucy in the film “My Week with Marilyn”. The following year, she gave the reply to Logan Lerman in “Le monde de Charlie”. A funny and moving film about the difficult transition to adulthood. Then it is in front of the camera of Sofia Coppola that the actress is illustrated. She then played Nicky in “The Bling Ring”, a cult feature film inspired by real protagonists. Success is there and she manages to make a name for herself in the industry of the seventh art. In 2017, she refused the role of Mia in “La La Land” to slip into Belle’s yellow dress in the film “Beauty is the Beast”. After having practiced magic for a decade, Emma Watson therefore applies to distill it thanks to her role as a Disney princess. The same year, she completely changed register and agreed to play in the science fiction film, “The Circle”. Finally, in 2019, the young woman signs what is for the moment her last appearance on the big screen, with “The daughters of doctor March”.

Off-screen, Emma Watson is a committed woman. In 2014 she was appointed Goodwill Ambassador by the UN Women. In 2019 she made a stop at the Élysée to defend gender equality.

On the occasion of his birthday, this April 15, a look back at the 7 essential roles of his career.

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