Emma Watson pretended to be ‘incredibly boring’ to gain more privacy


Although Emma Watson has been famous for decades, she manages to lead a fairly private life. Although the media often speculates on the actor’s life, it is rare that they have actual evidence to back up her claims. This is due, in large part, to the way Watson has structured her life. Rarely, if ever, does she talk about certain aspects of his life. For example, Watson does not talk about her love relationships. In fact, Watson has even exaggerated certain parts of her personality in an attempt to gain more privacy.

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Emma Watson maintains a private identity for the sake of her film career.

Having a private identity is an intentional choice Watson has made throughout his career. the Advantages of being an outcast star has communicated that she does not share much of herself for the sake of her work. According to Watson, fans of hers should be able to suspend their disbelief in her and her personality when they see her play a character. The Brown University student feels it would be more difficult if she didn’t keep parts of herself hidden.

‘Harry Potter’ student pretended to be incredibly boring to gain more privacy

But it turns out that Watson’s need for privacy wasn’t motivated simply by her career. the Harry Potter alum required time away from the spotlight to realize herself. In fact, the actress presented to the world a more subdued version of her personality so that people would not be so interested in her daily life.

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“I spent most of my time trying to convince everyone that it was incredibly boring because I needed privacy and a minute to understand myself,” Watson shared with Porter Magazine. Moving on, Watson shared that life in the spotlight became too much for her and she had to find ways to get through the high-profile moments. “I used to have to go numb and shut down, like on the red carpet, just to get over it.”

Watson opened up about her struggles with red carpet events

Considering that Watson has graced red carpets for most of her life, fans may be surprised to learn that they were hard on her. So what was the most challenging of the events for the British actor? In a separate interview with Rookie Mag, Watson explained that red carpets seemed very unnatural to her.

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“That’s something I struggle with all the time, how do you act natural when you’re on a red carpet and you have people yelling back and forth at you and you feel so watched and watched?” Watson shared. “It’s an unnatural situation, so it’s very difficult to find a way to be authentic. I find that, to a certain extent, my body just shuts down. It’s sensory overload: your body goes into a kind of defense mode. People try to have conversations with me when I walk off a red carpet, and I can’t, I just go numb and my brain stops working. So it’s hard to find a way to be real, because it’s such an unreal situation.”

Fortunately, Watson seems to have found a better way to navigate the red carpet in recent years. Although she admitted at the 2022 BAFTAs that events will probably always make her nervous, she has found ways to approach them without numbing herself.

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