Emotional balance: how the New Year affects our feelings

Asking ourselves questions about our humanity and alignment with our deepest desires is a noble commitment to understanding our emotional world (illustrative image by Infobae)

From ancient times emotional world always caused concern specialists belonging humanitarian sciences. Everyone knows and has a passion for feeling good, avoiding pain, and encouraging actions that are consistent with how we feel.

Mood is an emotional aspect of personality, so we can recognize that it is our way to feel; belongs to us, and we can even describe ourselves according to the affective ways that identify us: “I am optimistic/ am pessimistic

attachments are sequential emotional states which color our lives depending on the circumstances we experience, for example: love, joy, sadness, etc.

The search for happiness and optimism is universal, but life also takes us through painful moments that challenge our emotional strength (Illustrative image by Infobae)

Of course, of all these affective-emotional manifestations, joy, expansion, desire to live, optimism are the most desirable and we would like them to stay with us for a long time. However, we all know that human life must go through painful circumstancescriticism, some more than others, that provoke us pain.

At best, going through conflict situations should activate positive coping strategies, which allow us to survive trauma and become stronger. This happy alternative is considered one of the healthiest among the human species and is called sustainability.

Subject stable will be shown optimisticGrateful for life, he will set limits when he deems it necessary and will be open to experience in order to enrich yourself and learn. He will be inquisitive, adventurous, cautious and courageous, open to interpersonal relationships without getting lost in them; you will use perception to expand your vision of the world, thinking to comprehend it in all its splendor; He will not allow himself to be limited by arbitrary rules and will fight, based on his philosophy of life, for a more just life, in accordance with respect for man or nature as a whole.

The end of the year invites us to reflect on our emotional state, giving us the opportunity to assess whether we are living in harmony with our desires and values ​​(Illustrative image by Infobae)

Thinking about what happens to us in our emotional world is not a habitual task, rather I would say that if there are no specific reasons, then it is discarded or postponed for another occasion. The vertigo of modern life reduces the perception of things to mere utility, thus the senses are also limited, thinking is limited to survival, and interpersonal life is impoverished.

Every time the year ends, we are presented with a triple and sometimes difficult task – to sum up the results of the outgoing year, Evaluate the present and plan for the future. Too many things in a few days. Especially when you want to relax, unwind, and leave your worries for another occasion. However, vacation days are a good opportunity to open up our perception of everything we miss during the year: contemplating the landscape, listening to music, connecting with the people we love during the beautiful act of meeting, stimulating the imagination with reading, giving ourselves over to have sex, taking your time, trying new forms of communication as a couple, to name just a few examples.

All these and many other actions stimulate the emotional world. I suggest that before we dive into the classic “automatic thoughts” that guide these last days of the year, we take a moment to think “like us” with ourselves and with othersdo not evaluate achieved goals and do not reproach yourself for deferred ones; just to reflect on our humanity, if we live up to our deepest desires. It is a noble obligation to try to find out whether our emotional world has become enriched or, on the contrary, has become subservient to everyday life.

*Walter Hedin (MN 74.794), psychiatrist and sexologist.

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