Emotional words of a young Cuban who did not want to immigrate: “He misses himself”

A young Cuban, a preacher on TikTok The one who calls himself Soy El Kriz shocked the social networks with some emotional words, in which he assured that He never wanted to leave Cuba And that they miss many things about their country.

In the video, which is the most viral on his TikTok account, he begins by saying: “And you say it’s not weird, that it’s not weird, that it’s weird, it’s too weird I would say, And it’s sad to know that today if thousands and thousands, not thousands, Millions of Cubans are not on our land This is because of the barbarity that happens there.”

This young man currently lives in Suriname and assures that he “does not like politics, I can’t stand it, but it is very difficult for a Cuban person to connect politics in his life because We have been taught politics since we were childrenBut on this occasion I do not want to talk to you about that disgusting and malicious theory.

,It’s very sad to be away from the people who saw you bornFar away from the neighborhood, from the road where we used to run as children, the neighbors, the old people playing dominoes on the corners, even the screams of neighbors calling each other,” he listed.

In the video, Cuban explained that, although other countries treat you well, it is not yours and your roots are always remembered.

“I don’t know if you want to come back or not, but I would like to return, but to a free countryA land where we can breathe a sigh of happiness because now there is a lot of pain, a lot of suffering and the saddest thing is that the leaders who are in power now who have been in power for many years as if it is a state, they Don’t want to realize the state of people crying, suffering and screaming for something to happen,” he harshly criticized.

“You think people leave because they want to, no, The economy is a disaster and freedom is a fairy tale“Please, before you judge a migrant, before you treat him badly, consider that he is out of his country and his land, not because he wants to,” claimed the young man.

The video received over 300 comments on TikTok, many of which were from people who also shared the boy’s sentiments as a migrant.

This is not the only video that Soy el Criz has made talking about his situation as an expatriate, he also shows how much more people who leave Cuba achieve in life than those who remain. Among the needs are on the island.

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