Enagas predicts that Aragon will become the largest producer in Spain in 2030.

Aragon becomes the largest producer green hydrogen in Spain, Key technology for decarbonizing the economy. Taking into account the projects currently under consideration, the autonomous community will have a combined capacity of more than 280,000 tons per year from 2030. will be equivalent to approximately 10% of the national volume, which is estimated at 2.5 million tons, with electrolysis power 23.3 gigawatts (GW). This is the conclusion of a study carried out by Enagás, which revealed the existing expressions of interest in the sector in the development of this energy infrastructure.

For some time, the Aragonese Community has been considered one of the largest epicenters for the construction of biorefineries for the production of this ecological fuel, which represents the big bet of energy policy in Spain and Europe. But this time, Enagas, the only operator of the gas system in Spain, after a study, came to the conclusion that today this is the territory with the greatest potential for the production of what is destined to become oil of the 21st century.

Query results Call for interest which took place in the last quarter of 2023, were presented last Wednesday company CEO Arturo Gonzano, as part of the 2nd Hydrogen Day. The company registered 650 projects from 206 companies in this process, which was launched in September last year to find out the existing appetite for the development of this technology.

The initiatives presented apply to all autonomous communities, but make the area around Zaragoza the main production center at the national level. The research map identifies two foci of interest in Aragon: one with a potential capacity of more than 250,000 tons of green hydrogen per year, and the other between 30,000 and 100,000.

After the Aragonese community they stand out Huelva, Badajoz, Cadiz, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Castellon and Zamora with a total capacity of 100,000 to 250,000 tons each. In the case of Catalonia, companies interested in creating this new energy vector are located in Tarragona and Barcelona, in these areas approximately 30,000 tons are mined annually.

Hydrogen consumption

Demand for green hydrogen in Spain will appear on the horizon in 2030. about 1 million tons. As a consumer of this energy, Aragon will play a more subdued role, although Enagas does not detail this, indicating very wide ranges.

Although research conducted by Enagas also shows new areas of production and consumption which are not included in the core infrastructure developed by the operator, for example Andalusia, with particular emphasis on Algecirasbut also Castilla la Mancha and eastern regions Castile and Leonin which they will examine whether there is the possibility of new infrastructure needs emerging.

One of the reasons behind the community leadership is that green hydrogen requires abundant renewable energy installations, something in which this earth is an outstanding student. Except wind and solar potential, has water and a very large areaand all these are the main resources for this developing sector.

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