End of Mars retrograde (or the perfect time to fulfill the resolutions of 2023)

an artist's depiction of the comet c2013 a1, also known as siding spring after the australian observatory that discovered the comet it is shown making a close pass by mars which is scheduled to happen in october of 2014 mars image courtesy of nasa

End of retro Mars = fulfill 2023 resolutionsMarc Ward/Stocktrek Images – Getty Images

Among all the astrological situations that can occur in the sky (the most important of the year already have a scheduled date, by the way), Mercury retrograde is probably the most feared. When the planet of mind and communication changes its trajectory and, instead of moving forwards, it does so backwards—always from Earth’s perspective—the drama is set. We can expect many misunderstandings, returns to matters from the past that we thought were settled, and moments of great reflection. What you may not know is that Mercury is not the only planet that can go backwards. It’s more, Mars retrograde about Gemini is about to end, which has also affected our energies a lot.

The planet of action and sex, or also known as the red planet, It has been in this state since the end of last October. Just when you started to feel like your days were getting longer, did your libido hit the ground running and you got excited at the first chance? Bingo.

During these days in which the planet Mars has been taking small steps backwards, the energy situation made us feel without confidence or the desire to do things. We also had to ‘schedule’ sexual encounters with our partner or we were lazy to do them sporadically. And let’s not talk about the silly arguments we’ve had. But all this has come to an end, because its retrogradation ends on January 12.

His return to the direct state on the sign of Gemini will restore our self-confidence and the desire to advance in the projects that we have in mind. What’s more, I would tell you that now is a good time to carry out your New Year’s resolutions or, if you haven’t thought of them yet, create a ‘vision board’ so that each and every one of your wishes is fulfilled. All the problems you encounter will have a solution. Thereto!

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