Enough of lies, Vela exposes why he never agreed to return to El Tri, with Martino

Martino and Vela, why he did not accept the return
Martino and Vela, why he did not accept the return

Carlos candle Perhaps he could have been one of the players who gave another turn to the Mexican team at the Qatar 2022 event, but this did not materialize. The case because what El Tri lacked was creativity, something that Vela has plenty of on his feet.

In an interview for ESPN, the Mexican player explained what happened regarding the problems that are experienced on a day-to-day basis within the Tri and why he never agreed to return to the national team at the hands of Gerardo Martino.

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In the interview, Vela explained that the return was not negotiable, that he knew that things were not going to change even if he was in the Mexican team, so he ended up ratifying his no to Tri, even though Martino himself at the gates of the World Cup, she did think about calling him.

What did Carlos Vela say about Martino?

On the 10th he explained that he has clear accounts, that he said it from day 1, that he did not want to be in the Tri and that despite the problems that Martino had, he did not want to collaborate with Mexico because Vela believes that the kids should be given a chance.

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