Enrollment date announced for Uplift, a program that provides $500 per month in Harris County | Video | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

David.days we have informationit’s important to have a phonehand for them to take orphotograph or snapshotscreen find one ofareas worth seeingbenefited from this programpilot project starting tomorrow9:00 am, youpeople can sendrequest from pagewhich will appear on the screendispatch timeapplication will be due on February 2,selected candidatesthey will receive the first paymentmonthly cash up to morelet’s take it for March 2024be within 18 months, veryimportant candidatesThe eligible person must reside inparticipating postal codesthere are 10 of them and these familieswill be selected randomlyThey should also behave less income200% poverty levelfederal, that is, ifintrigues of the fourth familyreceives an annual salary of less than$60,000 could be one of thecandidates, it will be 1900family, whateverbrought benefits and all thisat the expense of public fundsfederal funds in the amount20.5 million that willdistributed in this programthe pilot who will startapplications from the daytomorrow we will wait as we saidparticipation of 1900 families andtoday I talked to someoneof these area residentsHouston, who says he will apply.first thing I do in the morningtomorrow we’ll listenwhat benefit can this bring?is it 500 dollars a month?>> buy a lot of thingssomething we can’t affordbills, food, bears thatwe need this as medicinebe>> You can rent now toovisit the page that appearson the screen we will haveinformation and informationIt’s also in Spanish withdetails of this programpilot and as in pointonly 30th District Judge anddistrict commissionerthey are having a roundclick for details

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