Epic Games is giving away 2 new games this January 5

A new year began and the weekly free games with Epic Games also returned, discover how to redeem them.

Epic Games is a digital sales and video game development company known as is known worldwide for the development of the famous multiplayer game game, fortnite, They also have the graphic engine Unreal Engine.

The gaming platform returns this week to its legendary free game thursdayalthough sadly the Last week the marathon of daily games delivered by the virtual store endedwe can still wait get a new title every week.

These are all the games that Epic Games gave away during December 2022

How do I get the two games that Epic Games is giving away?

The process to create an account and obtain these gifts is very simple, here we will explain the steps to follow:

  1. Enter the page in your browser.
  2. Click on the button called log inlocated in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select one of the available access alternatives or register through the last option.
  4. Download the desktop app from Epic Games.
  5. go to the shop inside the application.
  6. Select the game in the section free games and have the label Free now.
  7. Finish the transaction in the shopping cart, you will see that the original price of the game is crossed out and appears below cost 0.
  8. Once a game is acquired this way it will be added to your library and will be permanently available.
  9. install and enjoy of your new game.

Remember that you must redeem both games before January 12 at 1:00 p.m.

What are the games that Epic Games is giving away today?

Kerbal Space Program

First we have to Kerbal Space Programa space program simulatorwhere we can design our own rockets and space shuttles to be able to reach space and the moon, at the beginning with a bit of luck you will manage to create a rocket that rises a few meters over the air but as you progress you will be able to create completely aircraft capable of going around the earth effortlessly.

Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice

The second game that is giving us Epic Gamesis Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choicea stealth game and tactical strategyin the purest style of classic games like Commandosin this game you will have at your disposal a small group of assassins and ninjas, who will have to use all their tools to escape, mixing costumes, shurikens, Firearms and other tools to achieve your goals.

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