Errors of Dogmatic Economist Miley Economics is not an exact science but a social discipline

The first lesson learned while studying economics is that it is related to social science. Therefore, the fact that their economic models, theories And conceptual scaffolding Respond to and represent economists or sectors of society they are not neutral And when faced with economic and social problems they take decisions depending on of your interests, beliefs and position Capture of the means of production.

Proposing that there is only one path or model for our society to follow, deconstructing or mobilizing everything that has existed up to the present, is a dogma that smacks of authoritarian positions, open to modification by aspects of the executive branch. There is a warning about the intention that should be constitutionally amended. By the legislative branch.

Religions claim their only and absolute truth, Dismissing and denying ideas that don’t agree with your view of the world, For the President, there is one the only and inevitable path The economic one that all Argentines should embrace: liberal model In its version the most absolute, radical and extreme, Which has already been implemented in the national economic history, causing more harm than good.

Other models of world economic thought remain “Outside” Must be considered, even in its most virtuous expressions it has been “successfully” implemented “free country and developed, such as the Keynesian model.

These societies have encouraged the use of tool regulator To promote the redistribution of the state and its national development. And where the public sector produces goods and services. For example, it is enough to review the participation in strategic decision-making of the governments of France, Germany and Spain. There, different approaches to economic thought are combined with the strategic, regulatory and social vision of the state along with private initiative and effectiveness.

Privileges and basic needs

The Government argues that people, social organizations and society in general who march and publicly express their disagreement with the measures included in the Presidential Decree of “Necessity and Urgency” No. 70 of the Year 2023 and other declared reforms, They do it because they see the harm done to them.”privilege,

A significant section of the society expresses dissatisfaction and disapproval towards the worsening of their living conditions in the public sector. Added to this is the expectation that the decline will be greater in the coming months or years, taking into account the President’s announcements.

Free up the prices of transport used by popular sectors to travel to their workplaces, as well as end subsidies for essential services such as electricity, gas and water. These have a very adverse effect on the majority of the population.

The prices of these public goods and services will increase by 50 percent to 300 percent or more. With these increases and the expected increase for the next months, spending on these services will require a larger portion of the income or salaries of working people., Wage increase will be less than price increase basics of economy,

So, when citizens peaceful and democratic protest They do so not because they have lost privileges, but because their quality of life is being substantially and seriously deteriorated by the measures announced by the current government, although favorable to the level of profitability and profits of the companies. The state controls, but In favor of the most concentrated business community and in favor of the common and working people.

* Teacher at UBA and UNQ in Economics and Tax


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