Esteban Paz said that it was Guillermo Romero who asked him to remain at the head of the League after his crown was removed in 2018.

A meeting of members is approaching that will determine whether the Paz family’s legacy will end or not. These were days of mystery, uncertainty and anxiety for the fan who wants quick results. Apparently, a measure has been taken that leads to the clarification of some aspects of the events that have arisen over these years.

The capsule, presented by Carlos Andres Vera, who interviewed Esteban Paz, discusses the problem of the debt accumulated by the League, a problem that has been going on for some time. Of course, this was done responsibly so as not to jeopardize the future of the institution. “There are a lot of people who misuse and misrepresent the issue of commitment. This is not a problem, and the League’s obligations are not small, they are important.”

The president of the football task force detailed the work done to give the U the tools to support itself over time. “Why don’t you take a look at the legacy and assets we give you. We provide three times the amount of commitment. If the liability is 1, we supply it 3 times in equity.”

Esteban Paz recalled the moment when they were about to return the power of the football team to the Collegiate Athletic League club, and how they realized that they did not have the tools on the other side to take on the task. “As a result of 2018, when we became champions and the mandate was expiring, President Guillermo Romero realized that there is no Prince of Qatar who invests money, that there is no Pachuca group that comes and invests a dollar. It’s a lie. “When you realize that the League budget is not a toy, it ranges from 20 to 30 million depending on the moment.”

Since this appointment has been maintained for a long time (its continuity or cancellation on January 31, 2024 is under discussion), the manager revealed the internal management and under whose responsibility each step was taken. “There will always be a deficit, but it must be controlled, we must be able to manage it. They were waiting for me to renew the mandate, and apparently two representatives signed it. 98% of documents signed by the League contain two signatures of representatives. They’re signed by me and Isaac Alvarez.”

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