Estevez: “The crap that Real Oviedo gave us in the first round was good for us”

ALICANTE. As optimistic as it is realistic. This is how the team coach showed himself this Friday. Eldense Fernando Estevezin his speech to the press before his visit to Real Oviedo.

The Blaugranas will begin the 25th round in La Liga Hypermovement with 33 points in the asset and a cushion of nine above the relegation zone. Four draws and two wins in that order are the results Eldense have achieved in their last six games, an unbeaten run that has taken them to 10 points from the last 18 places at stake. Now their opponent this Sunday improves on them as they have gone seven days without defeat, during which they have achieved four wins and three draws (15 points from 21).

It was the compiler Capileira He emphasized Real Oviedo’s trajectory, praising its team and coaching staff: “Their numbers are not a cause-and-effect relationship; this is an unsuccessful team, very perfect in the offensive and defensive phase; with a great roster and great team leadership. a good coach, experienced, whose characteristics match those of his players,” he said, before singling out some of Azulones’ players.

“The shock they gave us in the first round was strong and deep enough to make us realize that we need to stop the excesses and do things with more practicality. It was a hit of reality that forced change, forced us to focus on specific aspects of the game that make us more productive,” he said of the 1-3 game, which he endorsed in New Pepiko Amat in the eighth round of Real Oviedo, and then noted that they are now “a more complete team.”

“We travel with the intention of continuing to compete and score on a beautiful pitch with a great atmosphere; we want to have a good Sunday to be a headache for the opposition,” said Estevez, who took the opportunity to remember that he was an optimist, a realist and played for the game. game without thinking about the long term, although the goal was to score 50 points as quickly as possible.

Barcelona coach confirms absence due to injury Youth And Florin Andone (who is also subject to sanctions), explaining that he hopes to receive them again in the middle of the month. At the same time, he clarified that Mario Soberon suffers from tendonitis which makes him doubtful and he recovers Carlos Hernandez.

Transfer market

“The months of January are very difficult because of the events, but the dressing room has handled the ups and downs in an amazing way,” he said. Fernando Estevez Regarding the winter market, in which the club has prepared in advance, but in the last 48 hours it has been somewhat rushed due to interest Spanish upon signing Mark Mateu. The coach said that he found out about this on Wednesday morning, and on Thursday afternoon, a few hours before the transfer window closed, the player called him and told him that he was continuing the game, “that he was still in the boat.”

“It would have been an important loss at a sporting level, we didn’t have a lot of reserve,” he detailed what happened to the footballer, and then noted that the situation would have had a “happy ending.”

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