EU, no masks on airplanes from 16 May. And the green pass disappears almost everywhere

The restrictions on the front of the fight against Covid are still loosened. From Monday 16 May, the obligation to wear a mask on flights within the European Union falls according to the provisions of an update of the safety measures for travel, published by the European Union Agency for Aviation Safety (Easa) and by the European Center for disease prevention and control (Ecdc). The protection device will no longer be mandatory even in airports, EASA and Ecdc explain, however specifying that “the mask remains one of the best defenses against the transmission of Covid-19”, and that using it is strongly recommended for those who cough or sneeze, as well as for all frail people

This is a provision that should not apply in Italy however. For those who leave and arrive in our country, in fact, the ordinance of the end of April by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza (whose contents have been incorporated in the Reopening law being examined by the Senate) is valid, which has extended the obligation to wear the Ffp2 mask on all long-distance means of transport including airplanes.

Towards the abolition of the green pass

With the exit from the pandemic emergency, however, all restrictions on the travel front are loosening. The rules change according to the destination countries, but the “green certificate” that verifies vaccination, cure or swab (antigenic / molecular negative) continues to be necessary for entry only in a limited number of different EU countries.

The rules in Italy

The digital Covid certificate is mandatory in Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal And Italy where on April 28, Minister Speranza signed an ordinance extending the current measures for arrivals from abroad to May 31, so that foreign tourists and Italians returning home must continue to show their vaccination or recovery pass. Or alternatively an antigenic or molecular buffer.

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The abolition of the PLF module

Another novelty in Italy is the abolition of the obligation for tourists to fill in the “passenger locator form” (Plf), the form used by the Health Authorities for travel, before embarking. Italy thus aligned itself with the choice of countries such as Greece, among the first to remove the obligation, anticipating other countries such as France.

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