EuroMillions: Check today’s draw results, Friday 31 May

Draw Euromillions this Friday, May 31 introduced into the game bank of 61 million euros, after last Tuesday there were no registered winners of the first category (five numbers and two stars). In the drawing held May 28 Yes it was in Spain two winners of the third category (five numbers and no stars) who won 9765.19 euros. These tickets have been validated in Priego de Cordoba (Cordoba) and Malaga. For our part, the reward Million went to Elda (Alicante).

In this case there were also no first category winners, but there were second category winners, one of whom validated his ticket in Segovia.

The winning combination for EuroMillions on May 31st is as follows:

Numbers: 4, 7, 16, 33, 34.

Stars: 7 and 8.

Cost of bets

EuroMillions tickets have a bet value and minimum circulation of €2.50. So if you play both draws every week (Tuesday and Friday), you will have to pay a minimum of 5 euros. You can also place more than one bet in a multi-bet slip.

You can stamp your ticket at physical points of sale on Tuesdays and Fridays until 20:30. And in case of playing online, You have until 7:00 pm on the day of the draw to purchase your ticket.

Other information to consider

If this lottery is different in any way, it is that it does not have a fixed first prize amount. This depends on the jackpot accumulated in each draw, although the minimum will always be €17 million. To participate, you can do so from any country online as long as its rules allow.

As for payment, it can be made at any official lottery point of sale or online on the website of any point of sale or administration. From the date of the draw you have three months to complete the transaction as prizes and tickets expire.

How to play?

EuroMillions consists of matching five numbers and two stars, so if you manage to match this combination you could win the jackpot. Each ticket consists of five blocks, which are divided into two parts: one with 50 numbers from 1 to 50 and the other with 12 stars from 1 to 12.

To play you need to choose five numbers and two stars from each part. In addition, for each bet a code is generated with which you can also take part in the El Millón game, a draw that takes place in Spain on every EuroMillions day. In this game, one million euros is raffled off among all participants.

Prizes you can choose

But don’t worry if you’re not one of the lucky ones who correctly guessed those five numbers and two stars. You can also choose a different prize type. They will not have the same value or the same amount of money, but they are smaller prizes that will be distributed based on the money accumulated from ticket sales.

Therefore, tickets that correctly display five numbers and a star (5+1), five numbers and no stars (5+0), four numbers and two stars (4+2), four digits and an asterisk (4+1), four numbers and no stars (4+0), three numbers and two stars (3+2), three numbers and an asterisk (3+1), three numbers and no stars (3+0), two numbers and two stars (2+2), two numbers and an asterisk (2+1), two digits and no asterisks (2+0) and a number and two stars (1+2).

Note. is not responsible for any errors or omissions. The only valid official list is the list provided by state lotteries and bookmakers.

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