EuroMillions Draw | New millionaire in Castro Urdiales thanks to EuroMillions

Friday, January 19, 2024, 10:44 pm.

Due to the lack of snow, it rains in Castro Urdiales. This Cantabrian city has a new millionaire among its neighbors thanks to the EuroMillions El Millón draw modality. The lucky ticket was issued at Calle Ataulfo ​​Argenta, number five.

As for the regular draw, the winning numbers were not chosen by any entrants in Spain. The largest prize within our borders, about 30,200 euros, fell next to the snow in Zaragoza. He is a third-rate guesser and has five correct numbers. In Europe, there was a lucky person who won a jackpot of 17 million in Belgium on a first category ticket (5 + 2).

The results of today’s draw, Friday 19 January 2024, left the following winning combination: 27, 28, 44, 48 and 50. Stars 07 and 12. The El Millón result was XGH18037. The total amount of bets received in state lotteries and sweepstakes reached 4,989,623 tickets, and the collection amounted to 10,776,970.6 euros, which at the European level is 49,517,879.4. The total amount of prizes was 5,388,485.3 euros. There were 17 million in the bank. This is exactly the figure that the jackpot of the next drawing will have thanks to the guaranteed fund.

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EuroMillions Prizes

In EuroMillions, 50% of earnings are allocated to prizes, divided into the following prize categories:

1st category: if all 5 numbers and 2 stars are correct

2nd category: if 5 digits and 1 star are correct

3rd category: if only 5 digits are correct

4th category: if 4 digits and 2 stars are correct

5th category: if 4 digits and 1 star are correct

6th category: if 4 digits are correct

7th category: if 3 numbers and 2 stars are correct

8th category: if 2 numbers and 2 stars are correct

9th category: if 3 digits and 1 star are correct

10th category: if 3 digits are correct

11th category: if 1 number and 2 stars are correct

12th category: if 2 digits and 1 star are correct

13th category: if 2 numbers are correct


How to play EuroMillions?

A simple EuroMillions bet consists of sselect five numbers from the first table with fifty numbers (from 1 to 50) and two stars from another table with twelve numbers (from 1 to 12). You can also place multiple bets.thereby multiplying the options for receiving a prize, having the opportunity to choose a maximum of 10 numbers and 5 stars.

To play EuroMillions on a multi system, you must check/or a box indicating the number of predictions marked in the star matrix or table, keep in mind that in this case these predictions must be marked exclusively in block 1.

In addition, after the latest changes to the rules, each bet will be assigned a code for the corresponding game called El Millón, with which you can win up to one million euros.

Price Euromillions

A bet is considered to be a combination of seven predictions formulated in a block consisting of five numbers from a table or matrix of numbers plus two stars from a table or matrix of stars.

The bet price is set at 2.20 euros. or its equivalent as legal tender for citizens residing in countries to which participating lottery operators belong outside the euro area.

The amount is added to this price 0.30 euros for the corresponding compulsory game called El Millón.The total cost of a EuroMillions bet is €2.50.

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