Europe plans to put obstacles on the sale of Chinese cars

Nor is it a good time that people are experiencing? trade relations between Europe and ChinaAnd this is not what the United States and this Asian country are experiencing. Just as for the trade balance between our continent and China, then deficit What we achieved was 300,000 million last year. And this figure will undoubtedly increase with increasing revenues. chinese cars, whose sales in Europe doubled from 2021 to 2023.

Possible dumping

Now that the European elections have passed, European Commission continues its crusade to find out whether China is doing dumping with its automobile industry. That is, if the Beijing government provides subsidies to its companies so that they can achieve sell your cars cheaper than what would correspond to them, encouraging unfair competition.

MG ZS. HS and Marvel.

Currently, the tax that continues to apply to cars from China is 10%while in China the tariff fifteen% to those produced in Europe.

Initial investigation

Europe’s investigation is still in its early stages, but if certainty is gained about this possible unfair practice, the percentage of tariffs will increase, which will make less attractive prices cars arriving from the eastern country.

It must be remembered that the Chinese brand MG (albeit with a British background) did not make it into the top ten best-selling brands in Spain in 2023, but its model Z.S. yes, he got up fourth place the final. And other brands that are trying to gain a foothold, such as BID, They will also suffer the consequences of this possible increase.

BYD Seal and BYD Dolphin.

Minister of Commerce of China, Wang Wentao, He already spoke about these possible measures during his visit to Spain last week, saying that if Europe continues to “crack down on Chinese companies, China will take necessary measures “firmly protect the legitimate interests of Chinese companies.” And this is causing some concern in the German auto industry, where firms such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW or Porsche Group exchange is expected in recent years ‘a big cake’ what is the Chinese market like?

A country that no longer hesitated to take action USA. There, Chinese cars are being forced to reduce their distribution after tariffs on those cars were raised last month. from 25% to 100% in strict protectionist measures. And these tariffs may also increase soon for microchips, an integral part of any technological object, including cars.

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